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I don't no if i left something eletrical on in my car but the steering wheel would lock, in when i go to unlock it in start the ignition the car it will not start.
check and add oil continuously, leaks from front of car
new coil, cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel filter,fuses. Still wont start. need instructions for ecm test and timing chain test.
If I remove the door lock and have key made to fit and then programmed after for the car will this work? and if so I could use some directions to remove the lock cylinder in the drivers door
No spark comming out of coil.I did replace the coil.
When changing the crankshaft and camshaft sensors is it necessary to time the engine before it will start? My engine still wont start.
They broke my sway bar link and hub when fixing control arms And they charged me for them.The shop said they would do the work free if I bought the parts and then says he did not say that when I went to get my car he...
new: battery,alt.,starter,ignition module,all relays in engine compartment( battery starter alt.,fuse link wire);locksmith confirmed the (PATS)is working
I know the Distributor mounted TFI causes this, But the TFI is mounted on the radiator on the 1988. What can cause this problem?
When I switch it to drive I don't have to push the gas to go 55mph, but I have to push on the breaks if I go into any towns. what do you thank the problem is?
Put new ignition in 2000 cougar but is won't start. How do I reset or disable the factory security system
when starting 5.0 ,engine light flashes 5 times in about 7-8 seconds,idle at 1800 rpm,about 1 min,engine rpm drops to 750-800.1 code i recored said 121?
when i first start car light stays off for about 3 secs 1993 does not have a plug obd if does where
when i first start car light stays off for about 3 secs 1993 does not have a plug obd if does where
I have changed the spark plugs the wires r good put new injectors in it new fuel pump new fuel pressure sensor i dont know what else it could be
work the forward and back buttons don't respond what can i dxo, the front passinger seat is lock in the forward position.
How do you replace the dashboard lights on a 2000 mercury cougar? I checked the fuse and it was ok.
What all needs to be removed to replace a cigarette lighter unit on a 2000 mercury cougar?
I tried an O2 sensor, still jerks. Transmission fluid is full, I can't find the problem can anyone help me?
Need directions on the best way to replace the ABS module on a 1999 mercury cougar 2.5
It feels like fuel is not flowing normal