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have re placed the egr valve , fuel filter, mass air flow is reading codes po174 po300 po305 po306

and replaced fan, fan doesnt seen to be working but was at first

sounds like rear suspension if loose, (checked is not loose).

anyone know where the pcv valve is located on a 2001 cougar 2L engine

all the fuses,lights,relays and switch have been checked and or replaced. still does not work. but the hazards,headlights,brake lights,running lights,and backup lights work. and hazards flash in the dash but blinkers don't.

Its having trouble starting, very difficult to start. And when it does start, it has trouble staying on. It will stay on for a minute or two tops, then the egine will start sputting then die out. I already changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, and then finally the mass airflow sensor but none of them seemed to fix the problem, what else could be the problem?

NO computer codes, shift down is ok, runs good has good power. 3.8 6

My 1999 cougar jerks and revs up and down while driving when I come to a stop it starts up slowly to get going again no smoke and doesn't shot off what could be the problem it stats doing after I've drove even just a few miles

I already checked all the fuses and the battery and alternator, everything is good. I also placed it on the computer and no codes are coming up. Anyone know what is wrong?

I was told it was EGR but replaced value , seLenoiD and one other thing that goes to that.But still makes loud noise.If I take mass air senser of and unplug hose going to Idle control valu it will stop can someone help please ?

I've noticed a rather loud clicking noise coming from both the passenger and driver side. It sounds like it is either coming from the door or under the dash. Noise persists when radio is off. It seems to cease once I go around 50mph. The sound is random, woth no particular pattern. No warning lights are on. It sounds like it may be something electrical. What could this be?

Every time I turn it on it will wipe a few times on low then stop

Tires are good, thought it was sway bar but that's fine, it does this on dry roads as well as wet.

Brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires. No weird sounds. No security issues.

light are turn off doors are closed main lights are of yet the park lights stay on

My heat only works for a short period of time then it turns cold. No heat!!! What's the problem?

My key will not go in.? Its like something is blocking it. The bell sounds but the key only goes in a third of the way and the steering wheel is locked.