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Does anyone know where Somewhere to buy all of the factory body panels, interior pieces,and stock mechanical parts?
It idles fine while it's in park but when you shift into reverse or drive it idles down so much that it almost dies but once you start going it's fine, once in a while it does it if your stopped at a stop sigh but not...
I need a list of all of the front and rear suspension components, bushings, shocks, and struts
When I start my car it immediately revs itself up high and then idles low. It repeats this process by itself until it eventually cuts out. It also does the same thing when I come to and stop and will rev up while driv...
The mechanic told me that my "fuel trim is too lean" anyone know what this could mean?
It cuts on and off do not need it , please help,
I just bought this about a week ago and all it has been is problems. First my tranny fluid was leaking, and I brought it to the mechanic I bought it from and he said he couldn't find a leak and that he spilt some flui...
Starting up the car is fine. It is when I'm coming to a stop and then pressing the gas to go when I get a sputter then it stops. When I crank it up it won't start, until I put the car in neutral and move the car off t...
I just need to take the inner door part on the driver side door and I can't find what screws i need to un-screw to take off the inner panel
I changed all 4 calipers new pads and rotors all the way around took it around the block and the same two brakes front driver and rear passenger locked up again. I was wondering is anyone knows if this year cougar 199...
is there an other control module that controls the charging, digital gauges, the fan motor and turn signals ? the headlights , hazard lights work.
The check brake light comes on. Not sure if it means the E-brake but can't find a switch or button. This happened once before and a friend fixed it but don't know what they did. Think it was a button or switch unde...
the car doesnt make a noise when i do this, or vibrate. when i rev the engine, it just barley moves forward. the clutch is adjustable but im wondering if i have to replace the clutch or fix it by adjussting it
The clutch is shot and the check engine light is on.... problem is constant.... tom
I don't no if i left something eletrical on in my car but the steering wheel would lock, in when i go to unlock it in start the ignition the car it will not start.
check and add oil continuously, leaks from front of car
new coil, cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel filter,fuses. Still wont start. need instructions for ecm test and timing chain test.
If I remove the door lock and have key made to fit and then programmed after for the car will this work? and if so I could use some directions to remove the lock cylinder in the drivers door