At any given time, while driving, the message center beeps and says rear passenger door ajar. This causes the interior lights to flash. The door is closed and locked while i'm driving. I can't lock the car when it's parked, the alarm will sound at any unpredictable time, so I have to leave my car unlocked.

My car makes a loud knocking noise only when I accelerate while driving.

My headlights were working on and off and I read that there was a recall on the LCM. I was holding in the turn signal lever and the lights would stay on, however the day before I brought the car in to change the LCM the lights did not work at all. I had the LCM changed and the lights still don't work.

It wont pass emissions it says faulty 3 and 4

Just put new thermostat and waterpump and housing on.

When I try to fill my tank with gas, it keeps stopping every few dollars. I know the issue involves the fact that the air won't be allowed in or to vent, but I need to know whether it is the solenoid valve or air canister. Can anyone tell me which one it could be?

Thought fuel pump bad but it is fine. Problem appears to be electrical in nature. It cranks but does not fine. fuel is getting to the engine

I don't really know what's wrong with it yet my mom said the whole front panel needs replaced and wherever she took it they told her they couldn't find it. So instead they made the air conditioning come out the defrost vent only and it constantly needs filled up with freon. So I'm just want to know where I can order every single part needed so we can try to fix it

my check engine light came on; I replaced gas cap (vapor link?); after some time being on, one day it goes off; the other day it comes back on; it has oil; car runs fine, no performance issues