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the engine sounds like a bird chirping,or a noisy lifter
I was driving down the highway and the battery light came up. i restarted my car and it went off and i drove again and it went back on. Why does it keep going on and off. I drove home and it stayed on.
Noticed front passenger floor seems to be wet when it rains. Problem started about a year ago, also noticed it when I went to car wash. Does anyone else have this problem?
While driving my vehicle it act like the transmassion just stop. I just had the right front tranaxle replace it leak a lot of fluild from that right side .
While driving my vehicle stopped and would not go in any gear just had new right front tranaxle put in and notices it leak a lot of fluid from that right side
when i shut off engine and take key out the car starts up again and i have to put key back in and turn to on and then shut off and take key out to shut the engine off
Compass reads 180 degrees out of phase. It tells me the direction behind me not the direction in front.
Started yesterday. My kid were playing with the keyless entry and now when I select the last two buttons to lock all doors do not work. Since this has happened my dash light for door ajar is always on. I am wondering ...
Happen when I would turn, but now it's more consistent of a noise, I replaced my drive axel and a bunch of other things almost everything except brakes lower control arm and bearing on my driver side any idea of what ...
The moonroof track works and engine to move it but the clips that run inside the track to the window can open, close, etc. are broken so it's literally just sitting there, the wind picks it up. I know i have to take i...
supect G.E.M.malfunction heated seat-power windows-driver side power lock-interior light dim switch-high beam and fog lamps- All systematicly went down after working eraticly one after another...All fuses and relays g...
to miles on display. Try disconnecting battery to no prevail. Help!!
Our power steering went out, was just replace within the month and the battery drained to dead and car stopped. We were told the AC compressor was going bad and needed to be replaced. Are these all on the same belts...
I think a fuse or flasher or relay but no fuses blown I swiched the horn relay with another and nothing changed.
rear end dropped started car in 5min rear end up drove 20min lite on dash came on is leak fixable;appox cost