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I own a 1994 Mercedes E-320 and for 6 years have not used the air conditioning. I charged it with freon and while running at idle to see if it was cooling, a 2" X 2" small metal box in the extreme front-left corner (b...
Back in April while my husband was driving my car slipped out of gear and wouldn't move, he said it was smoke coming up and he saw fluid. He let it cool off and was able to pull it over to a safe place. We took it to...
rear bulb is ok .what to do. where is the turn signal module is found .how to check the module.
Change compressor,drier.orfice tube add freon and oil still blow hot air. The big lines get cold down to the drier.
Have checked fuses under the hood and backseat. Nothing blown
I replaced the ac radiator coz I was told it a leakage but the problem is still there,blowing warm air and cold after a long time which again turns to warm
My right rear window regulator broke and needs repair.
The blower was not working and the blower regulator was subsequently replaced.The motor started working but stayed on continuously even when the ignition switch was off and the key removed. Tested and found voltage at...
It started smoking and it smelled real funny. There was standing water after a big rain back there. First the lights stayed on, and the alarm horn started going off. We pulled the fuses, but then the battery went bad...
My a/c works fine but the fan motor only runs on low speed
I was told it had something to do with the shifting performance, but when i press it nothing happens that i can tell
after driving the car it requires water the next morning,it use to leak from hoses, tightened all hoses,took out thermostat doing summer could the thermostat be sticking,changed radiator cap, car wasn't driven doing e...
The windows go down by there selves wen cars off
When I come in house my windows r shut.come out later there open. There opening by themselves whats problem
The air condition and heater does not come on
i need to replace pads and rotors
Seat moves forward and back, also tilts o.k. but cannot raise the seat.