I check the brake pad they are good all springs are good, parking brake is off

Will come on by itself every now and then but only on it's own and not very often.

I had the timing chain tensioner changed twice ,the problem went away for a short while and then came back,it is noticeable when the car is at an idle.
How do i fix this ?

I have the fault codes:po753-758-763-743.what my next step can be;

i checked the solenoids are working,but it want shift,and still gives me the codes for solenoids.do i have to reprogram it at the dealer,or there another to reprogram it by my self.

They replaced water cap and flush, still continues, intermediately, when stationed for a while, now they say its the water pump housing need to be replaced I don't think they know what there doing

After driving for 1 hour car will no start. Leave it to sit overnight and the car starts.I changed the CPS and still the same situation

The complete dash goes blank and sometimes it start and shut off immediately.
The humming or idoleing sounds are only heard during the blank dash. What could cause this it has approx 74,000 miles?

How do I bench test the coils?

I was told I needed a transmission speed sensor?..help?..the are trying to charge 4000.00

the brake light switch first with an after market and OEM brand, but lights still come on. The brakes will work, but the brake lights do not come on when the warning lights are lit up. They are no codes that come up on my OBD scanner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

It smelled like electrical fire but no flames just smoke and burnt fuses. I am scared to replace fuses and drive it because I don't want it to catch on fire. Have not looked behind fuse box yet (would have to take dash apart I think) It was smelling like this for a while before I noticed the smoke. Had other fuse problems in the back. It got wet under back seat and engine and headlights wouldn't shut off. It dried out and everything was ok until I started smelling that smell and then the smoke and fuse problem. I don't know what it could be except a shortage maybe. I guess I need an electrical mechanic to look at it for me. Just can't afford it right now. Anybody had this problem before? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Battery was down and jump started, car runs fine with no problem but red light on dash board comes on and states that take to shop.