wife shut it off went to start it just cranks over

E320 2002 make

The battery keeps going dead in a short period of time.

the car does not make any noise or show any signs of problems but the engine light came on and mechanic tells me i need new relay and air pump. The car has 180,000 miles.

my windows go down and the alarm system blares suddenly without me being near the car. I disconnected the battery, pulled out the passenger seat carpet and the cover expecting to find the computer but was unpleasantly surprised to find nothing there.

the car starts but its like the the gears are locked

took it to main dealer but after 3 hours charging my £300 , nothing not wiser!!!!!1

i stopped at walmart for gas and and then backed in the drive way at home and cut the car off and cut it back on and the car started puddering and i pulled out the drive way and it cut off. now i check the fuses and there is power in all of them but now pressure to the fuel pump.

can anyone one help ? the merc dealerships are NOT helpful at all ,my merc is non starter as the result is it the cdi control unit at faut if so where is located under bonnet ?

buy anyone a large drink to sort my car out , ttthhhaaannnkkksssss

It will start with starter flui, and it turns over

There is no voltage going to the connector. I'd like to know if this connector is goes through a fuse someplace which I could not find.

I have changed thie transmission control plate twice and code P0715 still will not go away and the transmission stays in limp mode.

Cars idols and runs rough, when given gas it smothers out and turns offend check engine lights blinks, check engine light comes when turned on. Loss of power,

and stops moving , will not continue to move . I park it for a few minutes , it runs fine , then the same thing happens , is this a cranshaft issue?

Occurs whenever you accelerate

my car chocks like as if it wants to not go sometimes the rpms go sky high when im aruond town stopping and going through town this all happens at the same time my check engine light comes on and i also get check engine electronics please contact me at 559 631-8744 my name is dee thanks