Gear shaft replaced transmission pan removed

My mechanic says my break are good

My ignition key is not turning over to start my car and when it does turn it wont start my engine after sitting and jiggling for several hours the ignition turned over but would not start the car . A few times before I have started the car drove it, cut it off and it would not start back up my dashborad has been displaying service engine now,which I believe is due to my engine needing to be tuned up.When I turn the ignition to start the car, i can hear the steering wheel unlock but the car won't start the engine the few times the ignition does turn,all the lights come on indicating the battery is good,but it will not turn to start the car is there someone out there that may know what would cause a problem like this

My indicator lights not working. Hazards work and bulbs ok

The blower speed fluctuates between speeds no matter if it's on defrost or heater.

struts to hold up rear hatch

holds up rear hatch

Could it cause serious problems

The bulb was removed and tested and still good, but once installed in the car it doesn't work. Checked the fuses and replaced with others and back and forth and nothing. Can it be the iluminating module?

I used an air compressor to get any moisture out of boot and spark plugs. didn't seem to help. could I need new spark plugs?

wheel will not turn and of course cannot change geers

wife shut it off went to start it just cranks over

E320 2002 make

The battery keeps going dead in a short period of time.

the car does not make any noise or show any signs of problems but the engine light came on and mechanic tells me i need new relay and air pump. The car has 180,000 miles.

my windows go down and the alarm system blares suddenly without me being near the car. I disconnected the battery, pulled out the passenger seat carpet and the cover expecting to find the computer but was unpleasantly surprised to find nothing there.

the car starts but its like the the gears are locked