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the unit will not turn on stays in the off mode the button don't respond at all, and when turn off the ignition i can hear a clicking sound coming from where vents are
while driving the symbol F appeared - message 3 days for service, what service is needed
just had the valve seals and breathing tubes replaced and now the oil leak is even worse than before. mechanic said may be oil pan, but I don't want to put more money into the car if that's not it.... mechanic put dye...
brake light switch? The ASR light coming on causes the car to go on limp mode.
How can I clear these codes so the transmission will shift?
my car is misfiring on 3 cylinders 123 i have spark and injector spraying. at first start car runs real good and then #123 dies out
It drives then cutts off then after 15 start back up ..,,cutts off no warning at all
I was unloading, went to lock up, without knowing I left the passenger door wide open, Now, when I use my clicker, that door (the front will not close????
Starts out unable to go without bucking. RPM runs high then back down as if transmisson issue. But once warmed up car eventually runs smoother. Changed coils boots plugs air filter. Runs better have more power now on ...
I need to add transmission fluid, and I have to make sure to use the correct type for my car. Can I find out looking up my VIN #? It states my car is 4D SDN on vehicle registration.
HELP!!! I just bought this car and it had 2 problems, I took it to a mechanic to check it out before I got it and the diagnosis was an small oil leak "seal" in the back of the engine where the transmission is and the ...
oil in Engine Control Module?
I can drive it for a day and park it for the night. It would be dead the next day. I just put a new battery in, so that is not the problem
the windows wont roll down. what do I need to do in the least inexpensive way
I had the fuel pump replaced and the water pump as well . I was told that I needed a antifreeze drain and fill for $100 is this right and necessary? Fuel pump was replaced but then was told I needed fuel pump "wirin...