about to buy

happened 1st time this morning at my daughter's school when I was leaving. Just turned 175K miles

engine turns over, but stalls when i put it into drive. i turned off radio, hvac, lights, let it idle for a few minutes and then was able to drive.

is this a battery, alternator or other problem? i had front brakes replaced 1 week ago. don't want another big repair right now if I don't need one.

Thank you for your help!

The speedometer works for a minute then stops and the abs and basr light comes on this started happening when they change my tires where is the speed sensor located at and what can I do to fix it

car keeps stalling has new fuel pumps, new spark plugs serviced regularly has over 231,000.00 miles on it new belts regularly serviced by mercedes benz

I have 137K miles

I am able to throw it into neutral and re-start, but I am concerned about safety

Last owner did his own brakes....abs/esp/bas/srs and check engine light on with 5 malfunctions after shutting down engine...engine fan not going on....alternator was replaced, new right headlight replaced.....checked fuses....1 keeps popping.....??

turn signals not working, emergency flasher not working, horn doesn't blow, wipers do not work. This is a constant problem. Replaced turn signal control on steering column still does not work.

Approximately how much would that repair cost

But Now ignition doesnt turn . When I insert key fob it unlocks steering wheel but won't turn on ignition,or lock /unlock doors, trunk. Also at first couldn't get into car fob battery was dead, replaced battery, still wouldn't unlock door, had to pay lock Smith to come open car, 150.00,so could check battery, I haven't drove my new car since I bought it. That's all I want for Christmas is it running, can't a Ford a major job right, please help thank you. Jazz

the a/c doesnt blow cold air but just blows like a fan. even when temp is to the lowest degree.even so, the front vents blow way harder then the rear center console vent. i was told i need a new battery and alternator. could this be the problem? if so will it also b the problem to why my passenger side rear window sometimes get stuck and wont go back up until the next day?

Replaced fuses in drivers side under hood fuse box

because i allredy replace the cam and the cranksharf sensor

The AC controller is stuck on Economy and there is no change in temp no matter what you do

This is the first time it happens and I just bought a brand new battery and still won't work

Misses on idle when cold reset light then turn off car ignition cycle the second time light comes on

when I come to a complete stop and try to accelerate again my car completely shuts off and I have to start the ignition again.