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The key turns but nothing happens. Every other electrical gadget work fine.(lights, windows, etc) mechanic said it was the starter, but it was working fine no grinding , spining or clicking sound was ever hurd. This all. Happens after getting a jump because the lights were left on.

even when i used the climit control the air still not coming out the center air outlet. we change the pump that pump fluid in the car.

How often the problems occurs

the oil light came on then went off a couple of times

Cleaned MAF and it made things 10x better, but for a fleeting moment. Symptoms returned and so did CEL. Replaced MAF and everything smoothed out, acceleration/vibration/idle- all good, for a half hour. CEL light is back on with p0100 code. Acceleration hasn't changed, still doesn't feel heavy or sluggish anymore. Rough idle and vibration sporadicly making appearances.

it wont turn over sometimes on 1st try I turn it off start it again & it starts

Beeper stays on while driving,,but will stop when vehicle comes to stop

All lights on dash are on and brake lights don't work. Beeping from the dash every few minutes

Is also going to be needing to be replaced? What would the affect be?

car wont start and key fob wont come out and stuck in park car has been sitting for 2 years started it about 2 days ago drove it for 3 weeks until now it wont start at all or even turn over no lights nothing had to get battery charged and my fobkey wont come out help please

Second try to start got transmission malfunction third try it said remove button and use key did nothing fourth tour of key it was no power period.

Even with my ac off or set on low hot air still blows out from the top of my dash board


why is my car hesitating to accelerate unless the temperature goes up to 80%

my car runs for about 25 minites after that stop running and will not start for 39 minties.

I added about a 1/2 bottle of new stuff and it worked fine But Ive never seen that in a car before I am going to flush it out Where is the plug Im assuming right underneath it?

remote control no function, when i change suspension and break.

How do I remove L R door panel?

I replaced main switch under console, checked fuses, relays, I don't know where to look, I checked all the post, I still not got good solution.Please HELP ME.

Ideal high or cuts off. Asks like it wants to run hot.

it will not line up with the back window, unless I put the window down and let it back up then it will line

It seems like a transmission issue but I'm not familiar with this car, can anyone shed some light on this issue? It just started but no codes have shown on the screen?

I hear some kind of noise(like the ABS), and I step on the brake until the car is totally stop and set the transmission to D Position and start driving. Some time it goes for long distance and start doing the same problem (the vehicle shifted into the "parking" position by itself) but sometime it repeat the same problem in very short distance drive.

I keep replacing bulbs but they either go out or produce very dim lighting

1 battery under hood and 1 battery in trunck

Power door locks and trunk lid do not close with key or button on dash

I changed battery and once reconnected it started and after about six to 10 starts it lockeked up again and the alarm lights are flashing.

Car need to be moved off of the street how can this be done with no hydraulics.

in my 99 trans number is 16327022000
and vin is
I have transmission from 2002 ML320 and if I can instal it in 99ml320?