I have 2005 CLK320 with a bad engine control module, had the same problem with the car in the beginning of this year, the cooling fan run on high constantly and tells me to “Visit Coolant Work Shop.” Sent the ECM in and had it reprogramed and fixed the problem, it reoccurred with the same problem cooling radiator fan running on high constantly and tells me to “Visit Coolant Work Shop,” so sent it back in and they could not repair it this time. My question is, can I take an ECM from a donor car (salvage) and replace my old ECM with that one. If so, what else would I have to do besides also switching the key and ignition switch? Would I have to change anything else, like the truck locks or door locks, etc.….? Thanks!

I have to jump my battery after every 2 days if I am not driving it.

I want to know if it is worth doing or waste of money

I have over 200,000 miles on it.

I know that the ezl module controls the advanceing and retarding of the ignition not able to adjust the timing

While driving on it vibrates a bit. Nothing has popped up on my dashboard. No one can seem to figure out the problem. Can anyone please help figure out what wrong with car.

My Mechanic is suggesting that it may be the malfunction of a 'Relay". This is the first time this occurred. I drove the vehicle the evening before the morning when it did not start.

Goes up and down. Car has 239k and is ready to go in for 3k oil change.

In a minute it cranked up again. it isn't running hot.
What is my problem?

The steering wheel locks while driving and jerks the vehicle off the road and the steering wheel pulsates back and forth. The brakes seem to be unresponsive during these episodes as well.

@ 75mph. Also pulls to left with braking. Brake service message is on though pads appear to be new.

Stopping at a red light my car sputtered out and shut off. Went to start it back up and wants to turn over but somethings not letting it fire up and my 10 amp fuel pump locking fuse keeps blowing out in trunk

Is there something I can try to lower the car. If I pride the #2 position the car should go to normal position, and its not doing so.

The passenger side front and the driver side rear fuse keeps blowing. As soon as u start putting fuse in it starts sparking and is ready to blow. I used the power probe and checked to make sure the window motors are not faulty, and they work fine. The resist between the leads is .8 ohm. But that's the same resistance on all main motor wires. So I do not believe it is a motor short. There is no resistance between any of the motor wires and ground. So I do not believe a wire is grounded with a short. Any ideas?

car will not turn over at all

Mercedes benz fixed an accident from rear tire whole rear was change cost of 14k after that car does not go over the bumps like it's absorbing instead there is a sports car like hit to vehicles cabin I took it back to Mercedes and they said it's normal but I know it didn't drive like this before and I don't have the sport comfort settings I m stuck I hate
My car now don't
Kno what to ask them to do help please

It starts to open and then it closes right back.

is it true and where is it located ? could same one answer this for me please.

Obviously the brakes stopped working. So I lost control and wound up in an accident. Has anyone else ever had this problem.

My turn signals will not operate at all. The physical lights work fine when I turn the running lights on. But when I signal left, right, or use the hazards absolutely nothing happens. Also the fuel level doesn't read. Everything else works on the cluster including the menus. It does say on the cluster that it has a malfunction. Many other electrical problems with the car: head rest button on center console and the rear window screen do not work. Car will not lock, unlock, or release trunk (have to release it manually). Haven't dug into anything just yet, but is there anything in particular I should look at? Going to test all the fuses but no other ideas.

The radiator fan was running but it will not come on but the car won't run hot.

I change my fuel pump and I'm having the same problem it will run for a little while then stop like it's losing power can anyone out there help me

Turning it off or is there a code I was not in accident

Is thete a code or a trick to it

Where is the oil level senior located

Starting car nothing happens doesn't click or tick or anything from engine u can hear it trying like a humming sound . lights, radio, all work. Car was working fine up until this one time. Has not started since

What is the torque spec fir a Mercedes 2009 e63 front breaks

Try checking fuses still not working

I change the battery on it. But the battery light is on while I drive but goes away while I'm driving then comes on again when I stop...car starts OK AC works radio works .funny thing is WEN the battery light turns on also that ABS one does to then the abs goes away with battery light when I'm driving

how should energize the position lights and fog as vehicles with key opens