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Just had my brakes done due to a recall. Today I heard an explosion in the front passenger side with smoke and oil leak. Then ABC workshop light came on.
have replaced starter the relay under hood and battery connector on passenger side floor board still no power to starter even disconnected both cables and touch them to reset it
this milky brown layer on coolant . engine is running fine. does not heat up. no smoke from engine. no issues so far. i think its oil n coolant mix. but why is it?
i cannot engage my cruise control.what could be the possible reason?
my car's radio asked for a code. i entered the code but now it shows a sign E2. what should i do?
my car's ac/heater is nt working. i see the panel works but there is no response when i turn it seems like the rpm do move a bit like it moves when ac is turned on. what could b the problem?
Come on people use your Brian's these cars are fantastic. if u want something to last you have to maintain it. Its all about maintenance with any car. There's a lot of people that do it wrong, don't just go down to yo...
When I start my C 240 it idles and runs rough, like a vibration, but when it warms up it smooths out. Could this be associated with fuel injectors not working properly until the oxygen sensors kick in at the higher t...
the washer fluid odes not spray on either side. I have checked the fluid levels.
61,874 miles....service A exceeded by 4400 miles...all electrical components are fine, when trying to start the vehicle it just clicks once? Check engine light comes on? Problem just began today. Vehicle worked all...
by a reputable garage SEVERAL times over the past few years. They work for a while and then sputter and stop. This will be our 4th relay replacement. Is this normal?
I can find no reference to these bolts that are obviously there. Or in my case missing and needed.
The fluid going to the headlights squirts just fine. The fluid going to the windshield dribbles.
were to find mechanic to fix this problem?
Also says tire monitor is not working. Should I take it to a mercedes dealer for this and service a?
the unit will not turn on stays in the off mode the button don't respond at all, and when turn off the ignition i can hear a clicking sound coming from where vents are
The remote doesn't start the car.the lights on the side mirrors are flashing on and off.why the remote won't stop it from flashing
My windshield wipers work, but the cleaner won't spray. This is constant since a few months ago. I don't hear any pump running when I press the wiper column. The reservoir is full.
I had convertible covered on carport all winter. I started it twice. Now the key won't turn.