Car smokes when starts but there no water in oil

daily when first driving car for the day

Dealer says needs new engine. How probable is workmanship error in disassembling and replacing balance shaft in causing this problem?

we have a mercedes with number varification WDB9066331S374562 and when its cold the machine starts and works properly

when start a car sometimes after 3 or 4 miles run the abs light come on and only say go to the shop,when go the scanner not reading nothing about brakes

car it ran for a min then just died and wont start back up it cranks but no fire plus my dash says 1 malfunction and 2 malfunction

Whenever I need to get my car moving quickly it makes a hard sort of noise coming from up under the car beneath the drivers feet. Its not the engine its either the catalytic converter or back pressure from the turbo I think. Anybody else have this issue?

Every couple of secs car brakes by itself.

I have had my Mercedes for over 3 years and i have had few problems in the past with the doors but not like i am now. I have tried almost everything i know to get inside the car, nothin seems to be working. I have also changed the battery a few times. Any feed back will be helpful

ABS light is own andDSL light

Stereo 's player and amp all unplugged, no key in the ignition and crackling noise continues very loudly.

Problem just started recently. My windows won't roll down. Key won't even turn our control designated functions.

Political views aside.
I need to fix car.
Thank you for your reply

Went to official codes list for series 124, 1993 Mercedes Benz 300 ce, personally counted out blinks. Had diagnostic done., suggesting a band aid made up of Very high HC at first, now only one point off from passing smog. Engine light still on.
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Question: paid for diagnostics test suggests a bandaid rather than a real solution existing well made vehicle, with existing well engineered exhaust
that should not need extra parts as a solution to an existing HC issue, but possible replacement of new parts.
How to fix these. New
Throttle? New air injection valve?
It was supposed to pass in January.auberge I would care not so much but driving a one year old around and car
Fumes smell bad and getting stronger every day.

I have replace the ignition coil cap about a month ago and it was doing the exact same thing then and now it's doing it again I taking it to a mechanic and that's what they keep telling me that this ignition coil cap thing bad so when I replace it it starts doing it again number one went out 8 months ago number for 1 months ago and now it's reading number for again the code that it's growing is P0304 what should I do. P S turning the car off and back on seems to fix it for a while

Is the compressor burned up or just the pulley bearings

The right signal on dash is constantly lit and when I use right signal to turn, car make buzzing noise then shuts off immediately. Also, 3/4 daytime lights are now much dimmer than the rest when car is in drive, and when the car is in park, only one small bug-eye stays lit. All of the above began after battery replacement. There are additional wires connected to the "red" wire on battery & they seem to be short circuiting/burning inside the protective tube. Is this the reason for all the rest?
Since battery change, car sometimes will not start unless I take red/black wire off battery for a second the replace, then car will start. What causes that if the battery is new? (less than 3 months)

What is problem when will not go over 45mph


When I apply the gas it decreases everytime.

bought a new switch

I have 137K miles

I am able to throw it into neutral and re-start, but I am concerned about safety

My brake lights are staying on even when brakes are not applied

The motor doesn't even make any sound when I try to open it with the remote and also with the interior switch

I have lots of noise coming from what i believe is the window seals? Anyone know of this?

It's now making to drag, what could have be the cause.

After starting it will blink off and then come back on and stay on.

in most cases when i first get in the car the air will work but if i turn the car off even for 2mins it will not come back on for about 15-20 mins

When starting car it idles rough,and accelerates on its own. It idles rough when driving and sometimes stalls while at stoplight.