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Sounds like it just cuts off after turning the key it boggles out it won't even turn over had changed crank shaft sensor a while ago n happen to have old one looked brand new so put that on car won't start put started...
Cost to replace front-end struts?
Have opportunity to trade a Chrysler 300 for a 1995 sl500 with 151k miles good records kept is it worth the trade or keep the chrysler
Ac and Heat air, comes out of all the vents. I turn the knob to either use the defroster or ac in the cab but the air flows from all vents
My MB has not been working for many years. The engine doesn't work. Do I need to rebuild the original engine or to buy a re-manufactured engine. The odometer has 137000 miles. Is it worth rebuilding that engine o...
cost of replacing windshield wiper motor
What is the cost to replace a glove box in a 2002 C320 Mercedes Benz?
It keeps telling me it is not in Park, but it is. Also there was trouble getting the gear shift to move into park. I can't turn it off with the key or with the automatic turn off button on the gear shift
had to remove the transmission cross member to get to it
Panoramic sunroof rattle. Sunroof completely closes, sunroof motor starts rattling then sunshade doesn't close.
The airbag came out and in order to fix I'm looking into steering columns, the wheel is next to impossible to turn as well. I think I may also need a seat belt tensioner.
Newly purchased only 35K miles. Replaced starting battery with new one. Starter clicks and engages, can see engine move 1/4 inch or so then nothing. Can turn engine with socket. What should I try next. Thanks in a...