Recently installed used engine

I have replaced the climate control switches, a/c compressor, mono valve, thermostat, I need help and or cost for repairs

how many miles can I expect to get out of it?

I bought a 1997 Mercedes-benz and my girl got mad at me and threw the keys in the river so I need help is there away around the anti-theft please some help

2 separate occasion this has happened, after first, repair shop replaced crankshaft sensor, went 2nd time to car wash and happened again. Anyone had this happen to them? Solution? Thx

Why is my cluster LCD screen blank

the plug number is 038-545-71-28 what does it plug into after the 3rd brake light to give the 3rd brake light power

over last few months, starting has gotten weaker and weaker ever so slowly. Thought battery was getting weak, so i replaced it... did not help at all. Local mechanic said it was the starter, replaced it, nothing new. cleaned all grounds, nothing new. Tested old battery.. it is fine... tested old starter it is fine. now all it will do i click like crazy when trying to start with key switch, but if you jump across the starter with a screwdriver it will turn over like normal but wont start.(while jumping with screwdriver, after only a few seconds it acted as if battery went DEAD! and started clicking just like when using key switch.) Keep in mind.. vehicle started fine, just weak, was afraid soon it would leave me sit so i started this process. No blown fuses, the yellow k12 relay i believe it is, sounds and feels to be activating. i am clueless now! Any ideas!? Thank You for any and all help!

The car does not seem to respond to my key fab or manually to the master key. The batteries in the key fab needed to be replaced for a while so I just used the key manually. Last night the car would not start and got stranded in a parking lot. The car acts like it is electronically locked out since it fires just fine. It only has 75k on it and it has been serviced and runs like a new car.

This morning I went and replaced the fab batteries. After trying several times the car respond to the fab and locked;/unlocked doors and the car started right up.

I drove home then the same problem started.....the lights blink on the car so I know it recognized the IR but the doors will not lock or unlock.

I tried synchronizing. No change.


The car also has hard start problems and spongy brakes.The stalling problem occurs most at high speed when decelerating.The car runs fine otherwise.It does not leak oil or any other fluids.

soaks floor board on that side of the car when I run it thru a car wash

Was just fine earlier today

when I filled it the last time, I noticed it was showing smoke from under the hood as I get on the interstate,

Wiper fluid spraying out of headlights. Then a loud screeching sound started but when headlights turned off stopped. Screeched when turned back on. Just happened so not sure how to handle.

The rear camera is activated

It disappears after riding for few kilometres

Car looks lopsided

It would come on suddenly like a siren, then taper down, up and down a few times. This was about an hour after I had driven it, keys out, and all locked up!?

When i first purchaced it, it only did this when it first started up. Now its constant. Its a clicking or constant snapping sound. Maybe a belt?

The problem occurs everytime I stop at the red light. Why does car come back on after seem like its going turn off?

I replaced one of the rear air bags and the compressor and had the suspension calibrated. now one of the front air bags is blown out. is it common to have to replace all of the air bags ?

When switching car off after driving a long distance and temp gauge is higher than 80 degrees car won't start until temperature is below 80 degrees. What can cause it? Engine turns but won't start when temp is above 80 degrees

New spark plugs and battery only and gas. Ordered a fuel pump although

Key is locked in trunk. trunk latch does not work. manual trunk open does not work

locked out of car...car is now open...key is in trunk and cannot get into trunk with in car latch or trunk button

When I am in part or have the break on the car Rabbs up like it wants to take off on its own and I don't Tielo Hilow

When I am at a stoplight and the car is the break is pushed all the way the car keeps trying to accelerate on it's own up-and-down up-and-down or when I put it in park it does the same thing it revs up like it's wanting to take off up-and-down up-and-down

When I spray starter fluid in the fuel chamber it will start and run for a minuet and stop.

It all started with my headlights going on and off. Mechanic said that I needed to replace the light switch. Then the door locking mechanism had to be replaced.

happened 1st time this morning at my daughter's school when I was leaving. Just turned 175K miles

engine turns over, but stalls when i put it into drive. i turned off radio, hvac, lights, let it idle for a few minutes and then was able to drive.

is this a battery, alternator or other problem? i had front brakes replaced 1 week ago. don't want another big repair right now if I don't need one.

Thank you for your help!