I have audio on park assist but not working plus there is no view on screen of what's behind me or audio sounds.

My battery light came on while driving, and shortly after the radio shut off, lights flickered down. It then restarted. I pulled to the side, powered the car off and waited. I started it up again about 5 min later and no light, car drove home fine. Tis makes me very nervous. Oh yeah, btw, I just got it back from the dealership resolving a check engine light

What I mean is My 1995 c280 Mercedes Benz can not raise or fire beyond 20 odometer at idle, please what could be the problem and the solution

my soft top won't go down when I pull the button back and my right window stopped working at the same time, is there a common fuse that they have and would they be related?

It happens every time, after some few hours when i want to start the car, i will realize the battery is flat. Please what do i do ?

The brakes feel like stepping on something solid. Car will not stop. Just started happening no warning.

How often does this problem occurs...P0444 OBD

It is for 2011 E350.


Passenger door will not lock or unlock with fob or from switch on driver's or passenger's switch door. The switch on the passenger door will operate the other 3 doors as will the driver's door. No sound present in the passenger's door when activated. Very slight movement in door spike when depressed.

i also bought a new battery. what is the problem? why wont it start?

work no alarm used the other remote nothing got new batteries nothing I'm trying to find out what is wrong and how can I fix did something get accidently get turned of or what

It seems like there is possibly a short in something because you can hear the fan running, but it'll drag or not run very well then it will switch to blowing stronger, but the air is usually just outside or recycled air. It is not cooled. It will occasionally switch to cooled air, but you never know when its going to work or not. Its usually not working.

mercedes stated smell was from turbo leak

There is one tire that is a little low yet the other ones are ok.

One day I got stranded n pull at auto zone try to get my alternator n battery tested out but they key wouldn't turn so the guy charge the battery for me n a soon I plug it back in the car crank up like none but a soon as I got home n turn if off now the key won't even turn or none can the alternator cause that to happen

Lost some transmission fluid and to replenish 1 or two quarts

Every thing worked fine when I parked it

Replace Sam module 1 month ago n rear windows will not go down n head lamps will not work

this piece snaps with one screw to hold snaps broke

I just get back on my trip and i have i'm over 1000 miles on maintenance service C.
I like take my car to the dealer for maintenance but right i don't have money for services, but i'm keeping driving my car, do i'm going to cause more situation in my cars if yes what it is? any advice or what the maximum limit

Diagram of the belt

it came while i was driving from Georgia to North Carolina

My armrest is come undone on the bottom of the armrest. I would like to fix it before it comes undone completely.

The car won't let me turn the key at all.

Mercedes S420
Passenger Window inches up when closing, rear passengers window inches up, passenger side interior lights, rear tail lights stay on, short in headlamp switch, no radio, no electronic back seat headrest adjustment, sun roof sporadically opens. One owner, original 65k mile sat in garage since 98.
When Starting- engine turns over, very loud clunk.

my car went down, lowered itself, engine light on

black when i spep on break but running lights work fine till i press break and again all lights on drivers rear go out

I recently changed the radiator and to remove the radiator you had to remove the attached condenser. the condenser freon had to be let out so it needed to be recharged. during recharging the AC off was hit to test out the heat. And now when i press AC on it will not come on.

My driver seat has broken.... We never ever experienced anything like this with any car before.... I there a recall for this?