I know I need a new transmission.
What is the price of a new transmission for a 1998 ML 320, one owner. I am the original buyer.

get " Full service could not be carried out' What else can I do?

but when i start in the morning it drives fine till few minutes then it start sticking on single gear again please help me we dont have mercedes specialist in here I'm in Ghana africa and i can't loose my car or drive it with this problem its not enjoyable thanks

Started car, drove approx 200 feet, engine stopped , tried to start, no respone, tried to jump, no response. Lights come on, butno sound when turn on key to start position. First time this problem occured

Esp and brake malfunction randomly pop up during drive & forces car not to change gear. Car has ro be stopped, put into park, switched off and once restarted all malfunctions disappear. When going through malfunction report, it shows no malfunctions. This happens at random. What can i do?

automatic roof light blinks and beeps wing windows won't go up after manually putting roof up. roof stopped working when I dropped a bag of potting soil into the trunk. It may have hit a latch or sensor

I have a 2006 Mercedes-Benzes Ml350. I was driving approximately between 35-40 mph on normal road conditions. Unexpectedly, the vehicle shifted into the "parking" position without assistance

once this happens, the car decelerate and throttle does not respond

The driver side light stays on even if the car is off

the odometer stopped working after 354,000 miles, like to replace the cable, what's involved?

There is a clicking noise right behind the drivers headlight if that helps. Any ideas what could be draining the battery?

Don't know were the fuse box is at

Rides well no issues with Brakes, change front brake sensor. Not the rear sensor as of yet. No issues with codes.
Just that annoying light on. :)

When car warms up the sound goes away.

I know don't know what it is

I need to know how to reset key

Over the past 4 months my AMG suddenly changes from Drive to first gear without me doing anything. it has happened about 5 times at varying speeds. Mercedes says there is no fault code coming up so drive it until it does or, I guess, until I die.

Radio can be turned back on without restarting by hitting gage power button

Could any type of lift causes problems? I had tires put on the front at one place on one type of lift and brakes and rotors put on at a no other place could any of these added to the problem?

transmission wont shift

Or the fuse maybe .where is the Fuze box and wich one is wich

Hi guys...
long time no hear...
I've been away for quite some time, wich means that I have been out of troubles, but today my Merc laid down some troubles for me to solve...
after a lovely brunch at the seaside, I sat down on my car and turned on the key...
the car started with no fuss but when I placed the lever on D position, I felt a kick from the transmission, and then I realised that something was wrong...

CEL turned on and there was no info on the Gear Lever position on the dashboard...

the car drove initialy with no big changes, but then the lack of changes made the meaning... the gearbox wouldn't change from 1st gear...

after some checking, I realised that the gear lever was stuck on D or N and there was no going back to R or P, unless I turned off the key and then it would change with no problems...

I then read the codes of DTC and it came like this:

• P2135
Powertrain - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "A"/"B" Voltage Correlation

• P2A00
Powertrain - O2 Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Location Bank 1 Sensor 1

• P2553
Powertrain - Throttle/Fuel Inhibit Circuit Range/Performance

• P0705
Powertrain - Transmission Range Sensor "A" Circuit (PRNDL Input)

• P2226
Powertrain - Barometric Pressure Sensor "A" Circuit

I managed to bring my car back home and it is now safely sitting on my garage, waiting for me to see any meaning on this...

I read in some information and other threads in this forum that some people have experienced similar issues with their gear boxes...

Are there any wise words on this malfunction that I should hear?

Can I look for something in specific before jumping into a carshop and pay quite expensive bills that may come around?

I had my trasmission fluid changed 2 year ago (46.000km) and back then I also changed the pilot bushing that was at the time not leaking but menacing to begin to do so...

since then the car drove quite troubleless... until today...

please give me some help around here... I need your expertise and previous experiences...


i have changed transmission oil and filter also spark plugs, car engine and transmission is ok, after water temperature reaches 176 fahrengeit problem dissapears and car doesnt pushs anymore, does anyone knows what is problem?

Mercedes disabled it and says I need to buy a new one for $6000!!!!!!!!

Can i fit a 2014 hood on 2011?

want to check relay to see if its bad so I will know to replace air pump or not.

Oil level on dipstick is within the range of min/max. Even tried up to the max line, still no difference.

making noise when turning don't think at anytime fluid was add when taking to mechanic

Recently bought and ran great when I purchased it but suddenly it doesn't accelerate properly when stopped. On highway at high speeds if I hit a bump u can feel a noticeable pickup in speed and power or vice versa I have no clue what to do

My pop up screen where I radio plays doesn't come on. Where my radio doesn't work at all. It might pop on later as I'm driving then my functions of my system works. I need to know what is the loud popping noise from my speaker when my radio doesn't come on? It's only displays the Mercedes Symbol only...