Car tact, speedometer, temp, fuel, when car cooled off, they work, when ran briefly and restarted they stop working?

The Pump runs continues to run until I unplug it

When I let up on gas pedal & go to push it back down its has about a 2 second hesitation then very slow & smoothly increases acceleration until I let up on gas. Seem to always start up & take off ok after being turned off, but then within a couple/few minutes starts acting up again. What would cause that?

Transmission jerks when taking it out park to put in reverse or drive, and when in drive, it will not go into 2nd gear.... Is it an electrical component issue or the transmission itself that needs replaced....

The car will start and run for about a minute rough and then die after a minute

I noticed today by left rear wheel undercarriage soaked in fuel.

Only starts when it's cool

The Mercedes Benz lights are turning on and off with the car off what do I do to find this problem

Car will not start when you out fob in ignition. Lights will not come on dash when fob is inserted.

I had the filters replaced, the ventilation system treated twice and had some treatment done inside the vehicle cabin area but nothing seems to work. The smell has a bacteria odor and I can smell it even when the air condition is off, wonder if its standing water?

Break lining rusted at me doing 80 near Disney world. How can this car has this problem that only old junkers do for sitting for yrs

Key unlocks and locks doors nothing happened when put in ignition

Also from a cold start the transmission will shift out of first but won't go to second or third the fluid has been changed and it's up to level the Boden cable is on and the trans fluid is clean

The sound is under the hood on the driver's side close to the firewall. This occurs after driving for at least 29 minutes. There are no isinglass of problems with gauge or instrumentation.

I just replaced the hydraulic lock mechanism for soft top . Put it all back together the way it was before .

Replaced the resister. Blower continues to run w.hen car is off. Have to unplug resister to shut off. Heat, air conditioning, blower and controls all work great, except for blower not shutting off when car is turned off.

I went to the shop and they said the diagnosis machine said my amp is bad? Could it be the wires connected to it? Before I spend a lot of money buying a new one is there a cheaper option?

I opened it once using the inside button but now it is locked and will only open with the mechanical key not with the smart key or the inside button.
How do I get it to stay unlocked so the remotes will work?

I have a message saying to check my left front parking lamp, however when I go and look I see no issue with the lamp, how can I verify and delete the message?

Battery light came on visit workstation. wouldnt crank 2 hrs later cranked, died while driving and lights went out and slowly car eventually stop driving at normal speed to a stop. Only occurred yesterday for the first time.

Started car in garage. Shut off. Tried to start 6hrs later. Car turns over, acts like its gonna start then falls flat on It's face. Shows "start fail" for maint code on dash.

Hard cold starting

What would be approx. cost to replace blend motor and air conditioning unit which assume would be the compressor.

Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your kind reply yesterday,
Please guide me on following;
The supply voltage of the control unit is too low. (Battery Voltage 14.41V)
Control unit N10/2 (Rear SAM control unit with fuse and relay module) is not transmitting data on the CAN bus.
Control Unit A1 (Instrument cluster is not transmitting data on the CAN bus.
Does i have to have to change mission sensor?for this purpose have to dismantling the whole mission?
Please guide me it is serious problem or minor?

I use it for commuting and there is a fair amount of stop-and-go driving.

Dear Sir,

My parking space is inclined surface.
I have to park head up or head down?CAR model CLS 350.I stored my car in yard for the last 1 year.Use rarely.When i switched off engine and restart again,no jolting.This problem will face again or have a big issue?or to change the sensor?Please advise me

Recently installed used engine

I have replaced the climate control switches, a/c compressor, mono valve, thermostat, I need help and or cost for repairs

how many miles can I expect to get out of it?

I bought a 1997 Mercedes-benz and my girl got mad at me and threw the keys in the river so I need help is there away around the anti-theft please some help