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Bought this used car and have had the hood pop up on me while driving, many times now. It does not happen all the time. Yesterday I had my 74 yr. old mom with me on a trip to Miami and it happened 3 times on the exp...
Che ked connections and have power to player in trunck.
BRAND NEW ZERO KILOMETER ,two days refueling ,finished ,started shaking without reason ,only manual 1st gear would make it drive ,my home was close .second day was normal .second week made same thing while driving bu...
I only notice smoke when I shut the car off after usage.. Recently had oil change but I had spilled oil cleaned off & still smoking..
& Electrical socket, checked and tested all solenoids, replaced filter and fluid. Just need codes cleared. Dealer wants over $600.00 to clear faults!!! I laughed. Does anyone know where I can get a compatible Mercedes...
this is the frist time this happen. My blower is not blowing.When I turn the switch it just makes a wistering sound not loud.
I have the fault codes:po753-758-763-743.what my next step can be;
The power steering pump or could that be a belt that is to loose,or tight?
plus the back seat head rest wont go down using the automatic button and automatic door locks dont work. Is this a fuse problwm?
i checked the solenoids are working,but it want shift,and still gives me the codes for i have to reprogram it at the dealer,or there another to reprogram it by my self.
I had to refill freon the last few years and the ac was always working after I filled it up. During the wintet I always turn the ac with the switch "ac off" out. A couple month ago I had the heat/ac blower motor at a ...