It appeared where the odometer is!

It just started doing it today

The convertable top won't move to forward to lock nor will it move backward to open ???

Info screen on dash says trunk partition open when attempting to lower top.

Is this a good car?

How much to replace all four shocks on 1996 Mercedes s320 swb.

light will stay on all night. my right headlight only.

steering is locked on 1997 Mercedes 420. its starts and I can put it in gear and drive forward and back.. but no steering. there is a beeping sound as if the keys are in the ignition but they are not.
I think this is the anti theft mechanism that somehow got tripped.
what is involved in this being fixed? can it just be disengaged? how long does it take? are there parts that need to be replaced or can this just be electronically reset?

car keeps stalling has new fuel pumps, new spark plugs serviced regularly has over 231,000.00 miles on it new belts regularly serviced by mercedes benz

does not work at all stays in mute tried everything checked fuses they are ok were are the fuses in right rear of car?

OBDII Monitors Not Ready - Secondary Air System. How do I fix this issue? Do I need to replace the SAS pump and relay valve for the Smog test to pass?

just the headlight not the running lights or turn signals etc...just the headlight (wire color) please

Does 2008 C300 4Matic Sport have a timing belt or chain? Any maintenance required?

Engine runs shifts into gear but very hard to steer or turn.i have to usevalot of strentgh to steer it in any direction

I have 320MLSuv problems! Problems! Need drive south! Broken gas, speed diameter(can't tell how much gas nor how fast going) no radio sound. Had to replace engine a year ago. $$$$! Due oil change every 10k with 128,000 miles. what should I do ? Help!!!

screen audio device not available.Hence I lose all voice commands,for gps ,phone and no radio at all.

After an accident, we left the blinkers on and I believe we drained the battery. It was jumped by roadside assistance, started, but 3 days later it wouldn't start anymore without a jump.

there was a recall in 06, can I still get it replaced?

which rims are better alloy or chrome plated?

Now this vehicle every at time slow cornering have abnormal buzz noise

wipers don't close all the way

The center console has a black material that covers it. It scratches very easily. I want to get it fixed or replaced

Recent State Inspection was passed. Initially I thought the problem was worn shock absorber grommets. That was not the case. Am thinking that perhaps the front anti-sway bar has a problem. Have not noticed abnormal wear to front tires.
There are new tires, springs, and shocks on the front end. Alignment seemed to be correct.

was just driving my vehicle and the eletronic check engine light just poped on

Seatbelt retractor needs replacing

The seatbelt does not go back in

How much to repair a cracked rear wheel

Key can be turned to position 1 and back to position 0 but it will not pull out nor will it turn to start the car.

my car get slow and loose without accelerator ,i pump up accelerationand it again come slowly slowly tothe normal speed if it jump in potholes or speed breaker and again it take long to come back to normal speed , it happen only when my car get jump

my husband thought he could replace the transmission fluid and drained it out how does he replace it