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The problem occurred after the battery was changed.
took it to a special shop for diagnosis he made it worse seven codes jumped up he said sorry cant fix your car.He literally threw me out.
when the car is off right front headlamp stays on..when the car is running the right rear taillamp doesn't work at all??
Wiring in a chip that promises more power. Its is to be put in line with what color wire? It's wired in line with a wire to the ecu unit.
called many shops, but I'm waiting for someone to give me an accurate (low) rate.
When I turn on A/C it blows cool at my feet-but when I adjust speed-nothing blows out. It comes on-but not blowing-fan is not working-nothing coming out of vents (but it's cool-just no air coming out).
Brought a new key (automatic key/with slade key) from dealer over a year ago-trunk has not open for over a month now. Automatic key still locks and open doors for the rest of the car-the trunk is not operable-any sugg...
Whenever I unlock car and open door mirror will open out, mirror just stopped opening out.
I hear a sound that I can best describe as a soft "clicking" sound when I accelerate. Then it stops until I accelerate again. Seems to be coming from under the the car near the passenger seat, but may be coming from t...
I was told I needed a transmission speed sensor? are trying to charge 4000.00
The bag loses and and when I start the car it comes back up. I want to replace the bag, but every where I've called they don't have it... Mercedes Benz E500 sport...also I'm in the market for a hood release that relea...
first air conditioner could not be turned off and mechanic indicated a fuse problem and removed it, worked for a while then stopped when heater was turned on it blows cold air.
Replaced bulb w/2857A as in manual, cleaned contacts, No blinker on headlight housing
vehicle start but I try to give gas vehicle has no power and also rpm goes down when I give gas..
i had a tire shop mount the tire on the rim and i put it on myself, about month ago i had a tire go bad so its been changed and no issues, this time i bought two tires and so i rotated them, putting the two new ones i...
Just quit for the first time only on the driver's seat.