Lost some transmission fluid and to replenish 1 or two quarts

Every thing worked fine when I parked it

Replace Sam module 1 month ago n rear windows will not go down n head lamps will not work

this piece snaps with one screw to hold snaps broke

I just get back on my trip and i have i'm over 1000 miles on maintenance service C.
I like take my car to the dealer for maintenance but right i don't have money for services, but i'm keeping driving my car, do i'm going to cause more situation in my cars if yes what it is? any advice or what the maximum limit

Diagram of the belt

it came while i was driving from Georgia to North Carolina

My armrest is come undone on the bottom of the armrest. I would like to fix it before it comes undone completely.

The car won't let me turn the key at all.

Mercedes S420
Passenger Window inches up when closing, rear passengers window inches up, passenger side interior lights, rear tail lights stay on, short in headlamp switch, no radio, no electronic back seat headrest adjustment, sun roof sporadically opens. One owner, original 65k mile sat in garage since 98.
When Starting- engine turns over, very loud clunk.

my car went down, lowered itself, engine light on

black when i spep on break but running lights work fine till i press break and again all lights on drivers rear go out

I recently changed the radiator and to remove the radiator you had to remove the attached condenser. the condenser freon had to be let out so it needed to be recharged. during recharging the AC off was hit to test out the heat. And now when i press AC on it will not come on.

My driver seat has broken.... We never ever experienced anything like this with any car before.... I there a recall for this?

Also temperature gauge intermittent and the dash lights Flash like a short circuit

the car sound is heavy while driving

seat control moving forward does not work. all the other controls are ok

It will unlock and everything just won't open

It has 165000 miles on it, it was sitting for a couple of years before I purchased it. After driving for a month it started making loud noise and stalling. took it to a local mechanic shop and they said engine is gone, has to be replaced. is it possible to trouble shoot all vital parts like transmission, water tank and everything else and restore the car so it will run without giving trouble? How much that kind of work can cost??

1st time. passenger side. the bulbs are good and working.

The wire broke off under my front bumper. Now my fan always runs and my a/c went out right after. Any idea on the cost to fix? I did as much research as I could and it's supposed to be a b12/2 wire or something. I just need it fixed.

Where is the stop light switch located on ML350 2007

I have been using premium clean gasoline and wonder if I should start using pure gasoline.

I have one mechanic telling me their system (uses Mitchell) says it takes approx 10 hours to replace the front lower control arms (with ball joints). I have another mechanic (uses All Data) says it takes 2-3 hours per side.

Side note: I've gotta do the upper control arms, lower control arms, and rear control arms, all on both sides, so if you've got any info on reasonable rates for any of that, please feel free to elaborate. The guy I bought this from really messed up the suspension...

I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the fuel pump. Still my ML430 will not start. It cranks and it sounds like it is going to start, but dies instead. It has been down for two and a half months. It was in a shop, but they couldn't even remove the faulty crankshaft position sensor so I brought it home. How do I get the engine to start?! I need my truck.

Headlight wiper just stopped working left side is in the proper parked position,the right side is parked in the top stroked position. The fuse is OK

mid day. gages or normal. mornings and nights just fine

The seat pockets that's in the back of the front seats broke and was hanging down I had to rip them off I don't like what it looks like now and would love to replace them

Shop flushed oil system and changed oil - didn't fix problem. They saw another car with similar error and changed oil sending unit and it didn't solve problem. They changed instrument panel and that worked but don't know if it will solve my issue,
Flush and oil change $350
Oil sensor ($600 estimate)
Instrument panel (?$ estimate)
Anyone with similar problem any solutions?

stop turn car off open cap then close it tightly and continue driving without any problems. now my check engine light is on, are these problems related ?