Replaced battery checked fuses but still no crank..all lights working etc


shifted from 3rd gear to 2nd at a high rpm.

Bought 2003 s500 4matic
Car was very low on all 4 wheels, owner said it needed back air shocks. Dash says "car too low"
Took it to a mechanic, they said suspension compressor and suspension relay don't work. They also said it could be something else, since computer scan doesn't let them go past that point.
Should I change the relay first? Could it be something else?
Where are the suspension compressor and relay located on the car?
What do you advise I do first?

After replacing the brake switch and my brake lights are not working

Trans is in low gear,wont shift. I've changed fluid & filter. Engine runs fine. what can I do before taking it to a mechanic. I am a Marine Diesel mechanic and am familiar with trouble shooting Electronics.

drive shaft or axle issues

My check engine light came on, the code is P0400.

The speedometer works for a minute then stops and the abs and basr light comes on this started happening when they change my tires where is the speed sensor located at and what can I do to fix it

it starts and idle fine until you accelerate then it shuts off

weak brakes in reverse. all brake pads are new. brakes work fine in forward gear.

Does window need to be in the down position to replace regulator

Fuse 52 has voltage when try to start

My car makes a grinding noise at low speed when I turn my steering wheel. The steer rack was pointed out by a previous bosch mechanic as needing to be looked at as it could fail in the future. Does anyone know how much this repair may cost? Trying to build a budget for myself.

Hi, I own a Mercedes-Benz 2006 R350 78, 000 mils on it and when I drive it my transmesionis going up to 2nd gear only, if anyone can help I appreciate

What is the working engine temperature for c230 kompressor model

lately the dashboard instrement lights seem dimmer and a few days ago the stereo wouldnt turn on. screens just black. not sure if the two are related. 3v weeks ago i did have my main battery replaced due to a dead cell.

I replace the left front wheel bearing and i don"t remember seeing a counter on the outer CV joint for ABS and my ABS light is on i reseted and comes back on saids problem whith wheel bearing,

Is it dangerous to drive when you have an output bearing (in transmission, making noise) that will need to be replaced in the future. Ready to take a trip and not sure what to do.

trunk wont open at all

It's seems to happen first thing in the morning & is worse in warmer weather.

I don't see my engine set up on you tube. I see that they are located under the covers on the engine,but they don't just pull out. They are held in place by some sort of bracket. I tried to remove screw but I striped the screw.

You disconect the computer and the disappear. Engine ligh remain on.

it tells me do not atempt to drive

do not have enough power to pass other vehicles over drive on automatic transmission tries to engage but never does, what causes this problem?

1. Can this be a bad fuse problem
2. It just stays on while driving
3. I do not know diagnostic codes

It is a wet and muggy day, too. Just started this morning.

Me car switches from stick to automatic there is a button by the gear shift I think it's called the Str that button is not working properly when I drive it it stays in first and second and will not go 3rd 4th or 5th gear after driving it for an hour the car will not move in any gear if I let the car sit For a couple hours it will continue to work again I took it to a shop to get fixed and they're just taking my money not fixing my problem can anybody help

I have audio on park assist but not working plus there is no view on screen of what's behind me or audio sounds.

My battery light came on while driving, and shortly after the radio shut off, lights flickered down. It then restarted. I pulled to the side, powered the car off and waited. I started it up again about 5 min later and no light, car drove home fine. Tis makes me very nervous. Oh yeah, btw, I just got it back from the dealership resolving a check engine light