when the car sits it takes in air. Heater doesn't work but if i release the cap in coolant bottle then car runs fine until it sits again.

After ordering the coils and waiting to have my PCM rebuilt and programed now my car will not start and has a gas smell. Can someone point me in the right direction I'm totally lost and just need my car running again.

Had no warning of a problem. Second gear went then third then first and finally reverse. Had it towed home. Now two days later all gears work. What is going on and is it safe to drive?

Usually when I am coasting and pulling into a parking space ect., as soon as I turn the steering wheel the Mazda Tribute accelerates without me pressing anything. Almost crashed into a car and a wall so far. It only lurches it seems though. It doesn't continue to accelerate.

What is that code for? what do I need? The part store checked it and it give this code po452 cab u help me please thank you

Car battery was dead, was jumped and started, but after overnight was dead again. Had new battery put in and is fine now but ABS light just came on today. Totally unrelated? Or caused by jump?

You lift the back seat where the gas tank is and there is a puddle of gas just sitting under the seat where my 3 kids usually sit. What is causing it to leak like that? I can't roll the windows down without inhaling the fumes from the gas. I purchased the car like this. They told me there was no leak, because there was no puddle under the car. They never checked under the seat. Please help!!!!

I just hear one single click, it almost sounds like the starter wont turn over, but that has been replaced in the last 2 yrs. Could it be that or the Alternator?

replaced the regulator and motor checked switch and fuse traced wires back to fuse box and everything is fine what else could be wrong? It rolled down and wont go back up.

It tried to crank but wouldn't. What is wrong?

Had a sudden episode of trying to crank but wouldn't.. What could it be

engine light and its hard to start.what could be the problem kindly assist me.

It usually comes on after about 15-30 miles. If short trip it will not come on.
This last time it came on and will not go off
The air pressure is fine in all tires including the spare.

found a 5A labeled EEC pulling 7 DC volts a 30 A HTD SEAT pulling about 7-9 volts and a BTN! 40 A pulling 12 volts I have had the alternator changed out no help I had to install a kill switch to get around the battery problem I would like to know what this could be....

Thank You