Went to gas station, they started filling car up, I only got 4 gallons, then it was leaking down my tire. My check engine light came on too

Two weeks started adding brake fluid ,see no leaks. Wheel cylinders are there just two . Auto parts did not mention cylinders ,just brake lines ?

I have a 1996 mazda protege with miata engine has no spark was told it was coil or coil pack where is it and what does it look like or which type? so I can replace it.

Tourqe specs

Head gasket

My car key got broken and a part of it got stuck inside the ignition switch

Checked all fuses and bulbs and replaced switch on brak

So this is where I'm at. The car cranks but I don't get fuel or spark things I've troubleshooted so far MAF, Crank sensor, Cam sensor, Fuel pump, Ignition switch and Ignition coils/wires all of these check out great. When I turn my ignition switch to the on position I get no check engine light as if the ecu fails to wake up, so I'm thinking I either have a short at or near the ecu or a bad ECU. Anyone encounter a similar problem before?

Radiator fan not working. Want to know where I will find the coolant temperature sensor in my mazda 323 astina (protégé)yr 2003. Also, when I replace that part is there another part I need to replace.

I got my mazda in February. The overdrive light has been flashing since I got it, and hasn't worked. My check engine light came on about two weeks later. Now my car is shaking at stop and take off until around 20 mph, and missing a little. My check engine light is now flashing constantly. My car has always had trouble getting up to speed, but now I can floor it up a hill and I get 30 mph at best. I'm 19 years old, and I know nothing about cars! Help me out!!

Replaced the alternator and had battery checked. All was good. Cleaned all the grounds. Checked all the fuses. Traced the ground cable all connections were good. Replaced the PCM and still have this problem. Any other ideas?

On under my door it says Displacement 1800 but on the outside of the car I have an LX sticker. I looks like this combination doesn't exist. I've looked everywhere online for my trim and it says LX are supposed to have 1.6l engines.

I've already ordered the wrong brake pads once. Is there a way to know which brake pads I should order?

Please help! thanks!

Put a timing belt on my 94 Mazdz protege 1.8 dohc but the cam sprockets do not line up properly , how do I fix this?

Put a timing belt on but the sprockets won't line up.

replaced plugs and wires

How can I tell if it's the switch starter or the key hole itself??

Friend swears it's cracked head. I'm hoping jumped timing.No water in oil.

Why radio want come on anymore an fuss not blown

Fuel pressure is fine but when I try to start it acts like its starting and then doesn't

rough idle also, I do most all my own repairs, i just need to know where to start thank you

Replaced MAF indicator 1 year ago. Also changed plugs and wires recently and PCV about a year ago. I use synthetic oil.