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Fearful of breaking it if done wrong.

I let it down it went half way and will not go up or down. It is stuck

It has a bad miss the piston isn't firing

My nc Miata leaks in heavy rain and it only happens behind my driver seat. I just want to know how to fix this problem.

Fuel & air filters replaced. New plugs& wires. Mechanic replaced coil packs. Now car won't drive. Do I Need a New intake air control valve? Prior to these repairs my car would stall when stopped at light or stop sign. Can not drive out of the shops parking lot.

Hmmm. How do I change the cabin air filter on a 2008 mazda mx5?

I filled the tank, I just purchased it used. and the gauge reads empty.

I have changed coil packs made sure everything's lined up change the sense you're at the bottom of the motor and getting ready to do the crank sensor but it overheats would I be better off just getting another motor there is no thermostat in either so I have to do timing belt and everything

Mint condition - stored winters/summer car - replacement ABS module (cost is $850+) for part; total labor $1200. Should this computer part bomb on such low mileage -- do I have any recourse other than Mazda dealer?

Adjuster wants to total it. Your opinion? Beautiful car with only 69,000 miles. It was in perfect shape. Heartbroken.

clutch repaired..,will new plugs help..i recently changed air filter...would timing belt contribute to this? seems like gas mileage is less than it was. drove the car all winter in Chicago.... appears to have major rust on bottom of each side ..fenders.

had clutch recently repaired.
especially in hot weather..the
housing where the stick shift is gets very hot..very hot to touch..

this happens every time

I Need help I have a 1999 Miata I have been getting a P106 code. I have removed and cleaned the EGR valve, cleaned the intake and all the EGR ports. Now I am having idle problems that I did not have before and have the P106 code again.
Can anyone give me some Idea what to look at next?

Current tires are 205/50R16, I'd like to go to a 205/60R16 or higher, if possible...

Always at 4200 RPM, doesn't matter what gear I'm in. What could it be?

air dam is broken. are there any overheating problems incurred by driving w/o the air dam?

Noise in rear only in sixth gear going 50 mph

bought used not running, bought many used parts, was at shop for four months,not fixed, now home, jacked up rear, started, it shudders in drive, is there a trainy problem ,sensor contributing to my woes too? will search for ground, original comp , did state something about trainy

This is killing my battery.

the ignition? I can only get them to stop when I disconnect the battery.

I have recently had an issue with my vehicle loosing a little bit of oil is coming from the rear driver side of engine it kind of looks like is coming from a allen head bolt or the around plastic cap thing on the back of the valve covers the car has overheated one time when the radiator blew any ideas do I need to replace the head gasket or what

My car has 180 thousand miles on it. It sounds as if its knocking once it warms up. Then you hear it continually at 60mph... My oil pressure is at 30 please someone help me. I love this car and don't wanna tear it up