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it happens on new O rings old O rings even when i lube it up good it fails. i just had the motor replaced so i dont want to do that again. what can i do.
while gear shift from 1 to 2 the car jerks and there is delayed shifting from 3 to 4. the car is 4WD and
rebuilding engine need to know what specs are
My truck will not open with the key or the release inside the car. I think the latch is sticking. how can i get my truck open?
Battery has been replaced and car not showing any significant draws.
Immediately took it to Mazda dealer. Was told it was weather damaged and had stretched and broke one sensor. Almost 5 yrs. ago I had timing belt replaced by another repair place due to an accident at 40-45000 miles. ...
was told that it was an a/c hose that had been recalled on this model vehicle because it was a common problem with this particular model car. why am i being charged for this part if it was a recall matter? Was the in...
it happens everytime i turn on my AC for a prolonged amount of time it begins to jump and my speed then decelerate and i have to pull over cut the car off then crank it back up then drive again without the AC on it on...
Is there a website I can go to to read step-by-step to find out this information? It is a DIY for a small time mechanic?
Two spring clips attach to opposite brake pads holding them apart. Are they necessary? Is there a trick to replacing them? ie a jig or rubber bands??
Can't figure out how to get the plastic cover off and then how to get to the bulb
At cruising speed of about 60MPH, when I suddenly accelerate (punch it, to down shift the auto-trans) the engine will suddenly turn off and all my instrument panel indicators would light up like a Christmas tree. When...
The rears seats lay flat. For some reason one of them will no longer latch so that the seat can be used.
where is the relay between the battery and the starter located
parked the car one night went out the next morning would not start
misfire on number 2 want to change plug and coil
This is a car that I would like to purchase but need to know if the Check Engine" light turns on and off continuously is a major issue?????? This car is my dream car and is at a good price just wanted to know what t...
I hear a squeaking noise when my front wheels move while parking.
i connected them direct to the battery and they kicked on. i disconnected the temperature censor unit and they turned on. the temperature gauge reads in the middle. it will not go any higher, but the water boils out f...
i have noticed for the last week or so that the cooling fan runs well after the iginition is turned off i was told there may be a problem with the ect sensor. however i am having a hard time locating. one know where...
My code is reading cylinder 3 misfire I am just wanting to replace that cylinder since, I had a tune up done about 9 months ago thanks
it connects all the hoses between the radiator, thermostat, heater core,
When I drive on the highway, I don't hear the noise, but city driving, and I go over bumps, or turns, I hear a spring like squeak. What is the problem?
When I went to put the key into the door lock, the cylinder just fell into the door. Man, this little things are killing me:(
the passenger side failed first then the drivers side.
when i turn on lights, it doesn't light up on left side of shifter P R N D are all dark
o you think it will be expensive to repair? have tried STP and other lubes but issues continue. Help !!!!! Want to sell car but can't with ticking noise.
Every time I get gas it idles rough when it finally starts. About a minute or so later it runs ok.
Last week I took my car in to get several oil leaks fixed, including a gasket they had to take the entire thing apart for, and spent 15 hours on. 3 days after it was fixed, I start driving and the car starts jerking a...
When should I get my brake pads replaced?