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it started when I was driving my whole dashboard went completely blank and was hard to accelerate when I got it home I turn engine off then the oil pressure warning light came on and car will not start, I believe the ...
The insurance company only offered us $900.00. Is this fair? Otherwise the car is in very good condition for 119,000 miles.
It looks like a person coughing. What does AT means? I don't have the manual when I bought it.
Replacement of seatbelt/airbag
Im deciding which to buy. Travel for work 15k/yr 3 snowing months Newyork . side road with pot holes. NOT Mazda 5 inquiring about3 ( it was not an option at top of page)
Everything is in a very tight space? Is there a trick to getting better access?
The Dealer is giving me the run around because they can't replicate the problem. The car can just being idling and the traction light comes on and I can feel the car do something underneath. It can be a perfect sunny ...
Car idles smooth (~700rpm) all around until brake is applied and not moving. When you let the brake off idle goes back to normal. I've confirmed this by letting it idle in gear with parking brake on. I initially clean...
Was pulling out of parking garage yesterday and put car in reverse took foot off break car preceded to accelerate Second time this has happened. 2 months ago same thing
Purchased in July 2014 couple months later noticed tire pressure light on. Took in for service to dealer found nothing wrong rotated the tires light went off. Light back on a month later
They want to put in a new engine.. I dont think it should have failed.. Any advise?
I have a 2010 Mazda 5 with 78,000 miles It had a loud rattling noise in the engine during acceleration. I took it to a mechanic and they said the timing chain was shot. They replaced the chain, the tensioner and the V...
On park position,the car not start and the light in dash is off. At the begenning, this trouble is intermitent but now is always there. I don't ajust the SELECTOR CABLE but the nut are very tights. Can you hel me ?...
at times I have to play with the wheel turn it one way then the other way which is very stiff and then turn the key again to get it to start ? .
When I first put battery in car honked but was off. Immediately installed it correctly tried to start it but it clicked once windows, headlights, A/C works radio and interior lights don't and it won't start. I need he...
My car seems to idle lower than normal and it was randomly cutting off when I stopped. Today it has cut off twice while it was in motion. Could this be a coil wire or spark plug issue?
I was told by Firestone that the vehicle has a broken axle on the front passenger side, but the car drives fine with bumping sounds when driving over bumps.
changed crank camshaft sensor, fuel pressure rail, auto electrician no engine management light no faults recorded
Sometimes it will start in park and later it won't unless I put it in neutral
I have a 2006 Mazda 5. Over the last year I've noticed some rattle sounds coming from under the car. The mechanic looked at it and said that there were a lot of rocks he took out of the undercarriage (a few times a ...
Every time the weather turns cold the side van doors freeze shut
When in reverse only the rear breaks make a hard grinding rubbing noise. The dealers says breaks ok. But still not acceptable. Mileage 85000 km. 4years same brakes
In cold weather the sliding door will not close.
diaoo1 noise end link worn how may i the estimated cost