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even trying hard just stays in the ACC position
air conditioner does not cool even with coolant. Heater works good and blower works on air.
The gas pedal cable won't stay in place so, it comes out frequently. Is this a costly repair?
how can i make sure i installed it the right way?
If you can only stop your truck by pumping the brake peddle three to four times, does that indicate that the ASB hydraulic valve assembly is not working? Just had all the brake parts that were rubber replaced, front b...
brake fluid that brake system was filled with power steering fluid when having a oil change. brkae system was contamied and had to replace all rubber basied compontes due to the fact it caused all rubber oarts to swel...
when remove fuel from arrow side of filter, filter will fill from 1/3 to full.
Is the motor bad?Can you oil this motor?Also the transmision has a lot of play on one of the wipers. Thank you!!
I've put cardboard in front of the radiator and the engine temp. goes up, but still just slightly warm air?
the truck is really hard to start up in the morining mostly have to push the gas pedle all the way to the floor to get it started. while started the rmp idles to 2500 rpm.
Issue occurs in 1st and 2nd gear, where the grabbing or stuttering action happens upon releasing clutch. Have had slave cylinder replaced approximately 2 years ago; cracked manifold replaced 1 year ago. 135,000 mi. ...
it's really hard to just had new ball joints put on,and that wasn't the problem.what could it be?
turn signal switch bad
i changed the spark plugs to my truck 90 2.2l. now it runs rough, everytime i put it into gear it turns off. its a 5 speed. what should i do ?
Motor smokes when started and when running. It is worst when giving it gas, what would cause this, would it be rings or the head? How would I find which one it is?
My name is Frank / my Mazda 90 Pick up truck has a loss of power while driving (* have changed spark plugs and did a cylinder test 120 psi on each ) Need help: engine light came on and it is hard to start- because...
found the part that's leaking - attached to frame over gas tank with vacuum like lines going to it (mechanic says it's not actually vacuum) - plastic valve, mechanic is not sure what it's called. what is the part?? ...
The engine smokes probably a blown head gasket so how much does an engine overhaul cost?
when pewrforming an complete overhaulon a 1988 mazda b2200 engine. should the head bolts be replaced and why. the bolts are not torqued like a ford where you streach the 55 pounds then turn 105 degrees. i k...
clutch goes in but i cant move the stick shift into gear
My heater always has a bit of heat coming from it. Even in 75 degree weather I have to run the air conditioner to keep the cab cool. Is there an adjustment that can be made with the dial? Is there some other kind o...
how to change thermostat in mazda pick up 2.0 b series
how to remove rear window on 1992 mazda b2200
clutch pedal will not go down