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Only happens the first thing in the morning. No indicator lights on. Happens every 3 out of 5 days
It was working fine then quit but would come on after 5-6 min. and continue cooling. The clutch relay was replaced and now it doesn't cool at all.
I changed the wire from the alternator to battery and now the light stays on all of the time and battery is not charging at all. Had to change wire because wire got burnt. Can it be a computer issue and if so how can ...
just bought old car but good one 49000 miles wouldn't start put a fuel pump on running great, one problem,,driving down the road every few miles it makes a noise like we are running over lines in the road...the kind t...
it just started happening I haven't been driving my car I took it to a couple shop to get looked at and they are telling me different things so I'm trying to figure out what it could be they say the axle some say the ...
I have a 1997 Lincoln Town Car Limousine. I was working fine but has been sat for about a year. I had booked it in for MOT in UK so i can use it. I jumped started the car using my BMW and left the jump leads conn...
Also, when using delay, wipers move about one third of travel, stop for the delay set, then move another third, etc.
I have checked all the fuses inside the car. I have removed some of the dash. Is there any way to stop the heat from coming on.
even when driving the battery will die had alternater and starter checked it tested good but something killing the battery
Started running loud and bad and oil light was coming on and going off what could have happenef?
Oil stick does not show shortage; Stays between min & max. Had the gear box replaced 2 mos. ago; could this have caused the power steering reservoir to leak?
battery light came on- I added water to battery- battery light came back on - next day no light is on but I went to auto zone who said battery and alternator are ok, but I am worried about driving it
Replace most of the front end including arms, bushings, stabilizers, also replaced rear air bag. Reduced noise when turning but even the smallest bump sounds like shaking a tray of silverware under my hood.
I spent Tax return trying to get the problem solved. I bought new ball joints, struts n shocks, as well as sway bars. I had a balance rotation and alignment. I drive down the road and let go of the wheel to see how th...
we have hosed the car and no visual sign. we have also pulled the seats and carpet out. I can see a water trail that looks to be comming from the dash by the a/c evap. The water drips out of the weep hole on the outsi...
can you drive a 1995 Lincoln town car without a thermostat?
Fixed a leaking hose, changed thermostat and changed fan. It doesn't get boiling hot and it cools down when you stop driving and let it idle. What can be done to fix this?