The seat warmer on my driver seat stopped working. The button that turns the heat sencer on still lights up, which I would think would be an indication that the seat warmer is working, and yet is not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

when i push the brake pedal it has a spungy vibrating push back and makes a sound like its moaning?

Hydraulic fan and pump replaced in past 6 months and mufflers. 104,000 miles. Coolant leak noticable 6 months ago, but mechanic could not find the leak.
Thank you for your help.

My Lincoln won't pass the smog test. The mechanic said to drive it 100 miles n it should pass. Done it, still won't pass. He said to drive for another 50 miles. He said he can't even get a code. Please help

Car runs beautiful, how can I correct this

My driver side seat will not sit up and it has declined. I am basically laying way back. All the other functions on the seat work fine. I tried to push the button up and then manually push the back of the chair up but it won't reset or even move. The button will allow it to Lay Back, not no other motion. Again all other functions work on the seat. Any suggestions? Yes I checked the fuse.

Addind a cup of antifreeze for every 10 miles driven. Leaking only when driven, just replaced coolant resevior capto rule that out. Job hunting, so no money for replacement parts now. Thank you for ur help.

How do I troubleshoot this problem?

Replaced radiator, thermostat, water pump, cooling system, power drive for overheatin while driving now overheating while sitting more than 4 minutes.

engine light we cannot get it to stay off we have replaced egr valve and erg solenoid please help I need a car to go to work. cannot afford shop at this time. has there been recalls on this make , could it be crack in gas tank causing light to stay on I need and emission test. asp. work out of area.we keep getting these codes. secondary air injection pump signal problem . can you please help. thank you Cheryl 3 litre engine

The traction control light came on and other lights and the car died and wont start at all

seconds after which the buttons will not work.

If hose asy thermostat replaced and leaking coolant noticed could this indicate a radiator problem?

clicks but won't crank, battery has tested good

My sunroof wasnt working, when the car was getting worked on, it opened all windows , but now cant close it again

I removed one of my fuse boxes and forgot to disconnect the battery and now I can't start the car. It won't even turn over. It is the passive anti-theft security system that won't let me start it. I need help ASAP