My mkz wouldnt start yesterday morning, it would click under the dash, the lights would gou out when they were supposed to,no problems with the security system.
I did a complete system reboot by unhooking the battery for 30 min. it started twice after that but on the third stop there was no way she was going to turn over,Ileft the battery unhooked for an hour and a half. Its already cost me one shift at work I cant afford to loose another. any ideas?

I'm also getting three other codes -U1009-U1027-U1059-and it wont start but runs great with starting fluid any ideals why?

They said i don't need brakes so what's happening I shouldn't have to ride around squeaking please help

Thermostat housing is the problem and water has to be added quite often. So is this a hard or expensive thing to fix? Would it be worth buying a car like this?

This just started the other day. It was hot and I turned the sir conditioninformation on. The driver side was cool but the passenger side is blowing extremely hot air. Checked all options to see if it changed and it doesn't. This began 9.15.16 and is still not functioning properly. Extremely uncomfortable for the passenger

Fuel pressure at idle has 40 lbs pressure. After running a while, shuts off. Cool down, starts up again but shuts off.

I never know when my lights will work. Afraid to drive in rain or nighttimnighttime. I changedfchangedf the fuse and that did not solve the problem.

So what's wrong with the a/c not working and how much is this going to cost to fix.

left fan running when turing on A/C ,right off. Is this correct

ignition and can't be removed or turned.The steering wheel will not move at all.

I have been losing coolant and running hot pressure tested system and found no leaks any ideas on this

Why is the lift gate not opening either thru tHe key or the overhead button yet the message on the dashboard is that the lift gate is open .?

It's a bar in the middle of the main rod that runs from the right side of the truck to the left side. What is the name of the rod?

after I turn car off the cooling fan continue to run

for 3months car hasn't moved. Can't drive anywhere in reverse. Love my towncar. Was my moms

how do I replace the high pressure power steering line on a 1997 Lincoln Town car

after i turn my engine off my car makes a clicking sound. it seems to come from behind the heating/cooling vents.

when driving my car it makes a loud humming sound. the faster I go the louder it gets.

while driving my car it will begin to stutter once i hit about 30mph

The heater works fine but when we turn on the air conditioner it only blows out hot air. I tried to recharge the A/C with car refrigerant from an auto store, but when I followed the directions the refrigerant would not leave the can. We tested the can on another car and it worked fine. What is the problem and can I fix it myself?

When I start the car and drive it runs rough and when I try to accelerate it hesitates and accelerates very slowly.

The car appears to be running fine. However the light continues to be displayed prior to this event it has come on and then suddenly goes off!

I need to change the air filter but I've never done it myself.

There's nothing wrong with anything electrical in my car, but the check electrical system warning turns on.

It will stay off for a week or two then turn back on for a couple of day.

The air stopped working completely on my car but the air from the seats do work......can anyone explain in more detail what is going on with this type of cars. I've already put free on and nothing seems to work.

How often should the rear end fluid and filter be changed?

It. Just cut and hit is not hitting at all

Dash lights quit working; was intermittently, now, not at all .

Trying to replace thermostat and trying to figure out where it is.