My 2004 Lincoln Town Car engine light came on reading p0355. How do I find which coil it is that's the problem?

trunk and turn pump switch on and off. Will run but will not restart when warm. Have to wait till cold and reset everything.
Where do i start?

want to program drivers seat module to disable easy out feature

The car starts and drives for short time in the rain until something get wet what could be getting wet to cause this

So the drivers side blind spot indicator works fine, but the passenger side does not. Also, when I back up there is no proximity beep, the back up camera works fine. How much would a repair like this cost?

I have new vaccum hoses exhaust tight. Once a day out of nowhere idles rough on start up no telln when it will happen. P0171 code keeps coming back

Every time I drive the car for 5 minute around block the engine gauge run to high and smoke comes out of the engine.

My heater blows cold air when I turn on the heater

problem occurs at light acceleration and stops when you let off or when you accelerate more.

Hy, I hawe 1999 Lincoln town car limo. Motor control (computer) write error message 602. What it means? The car works, but sometimes send error massage "rich mixtures". Thanks answer. Gabor Dobos from Hungary

After tranny warms up and I come to a stop it won't go in gear

Like tapping noise in valve cover area on passenger-side tapping noise is at 1000 RPM about 1200 RPM there it goes away tried oil cleaner solution no response how to adjust valves or what to do

My back won't lift up

What can cause this There is no water in the oil

the car will start every time but not the first time you crank the engine. the fuel pump is not coming on. when you turn the key off and the back on it starts and run fine. But when you shut it off for a hour or more it does the same thing. I took the gas cap off to i could verify the pump was not running. the fuel pump and pcm. were replaced. any help would be great.

My ac will not go low or allow me to adjust the fan up or down nor will it cut off.

The dash has a 5 one second tones. Then 3 second pause then repeats 4 more time. Every 30 min or so


It doesn't do it when sitting at idle.

When I press the button for overdrive it says off

I'm told this is a wide spread issue with 2002 Lincoln Continentals. Lincoln has no stock of this on dash switch, and discontinued it. The column dimmer switch works fine.

The car runs while cool in drive but it but stalls out when it gets to its hottest temperature it doesn't seem to be over heating go's about halfway up in normal range on Thermos meter

245,000 miles

The noise happens at random doesn't matter if the cars going fast/slow. forward or in reverse.

Both the lincoln and mercury have the same size engine 4.6 V-8

Drove to store. Came out nothing no interior light no power at all.

I serviced the vehicle with R-12 and it took. Now the rear AC vents blow extra cold but the froint vents still blow hot air. Upon taking apart the AC controller, I can feel that one of the ducts is very cold, but not blowing it in the right direction.

I have almost 120,000 miles. What can it be and how much do you think it'll cost me. Thank you

i checked my battery, the started was hot wired and turn on but wouldnt afterward when key was inserted. im not sure if the relays are bad or the fuses.

I had a leaky power steering pump so we changed it and now have no power steering. It was working fine with the leaky pump. I'm not sure what else it can be the new pump is not leaking or making a noise. Do you have an idea of what else can be wrong with it?