Have taken battery terminal off and it stays running just rodent charge battery

what causes an amplifier to go bad ?

can a car amplifier go out, that"s less than 5 years old?

My tire seniors all appear to work properly, but my tire pressure light on my dashboard stays on all the time.

It just happened out of nowhere my signals and tail lights still work. I need help.

My headlights come on but go off after 10-20mins but if i turn the light switch off and back on the lights come back on and continue to do the same. The fog lights stay on as they should. I first thought my light bulbs were bad but that cant be cause they work. It started a month ago with the right side headlamp doing what i describled but last night it switched to the left side which never happened and now the passengered side stays on. I drove about 25mins more in my car last night and now both headlights go out at the same time but come right back on when i turn the interior light switch back on and off. What could this possibly be. I asked the dealership while getting my oil change but they wanted to charge me $200/hr just to diagnose but did tell me if i had to replace my light bulbs that it will be $1,000

I know I need a starter but I just need to jump start the starter so I can drive it home

It started as a little noise when you were at a stop and turned the steering wheel. We had to strain to hear it. Now you hear it clearly whenever you turn the wheel. We just bought the car used

My water pump is leaking. It has to be changed how do I get a started the pump is in the Timing case cover could someone tell me where do I start by

Door binds against front fender, scraping off paint each time door is opened.

At between 1000 to 1200 rpm, the car bucks seemingly between shifting. New transmission last year. They say "not a trans issue."
I thought maybe a set of plugs.

I have a 2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature. It has the Alpine Audiophile system. The cassette works, the cd player works. The radio turns on and off. The volume control works perfectly. Everything works great except I can get NO stations on the AM or the FM bands...only static. As best as I can tell the grid on the back window is in tact and the the antenna is connected to glass and connectors locked. It's not a necessity but I'd like to have a functioning radio...lol. Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this?

So it was working on Friday and not at all monday. It blows hot air, or more likely it's just blowing outside air, but feels warmer. Only thing I think to look for is of the "compressor" , I think, is spinning when in use. It's not however. While car is off I am able to move it myself, so it's not stuck. Could this be a fuse or something? Am I most likely to replace the whole compressor?

My car runs normal temp until I turn on the a.c.,recently I replaced the coolant reservoir

When I'm going either 40 or 70 mph or when I slightly have my foot on the brake I get a real bad shake

Also a popping noise coming from the glove compartment. Will do this on start up or just driving down the rode. It is not a constant, but happens every time the car is driven.

What does CDDJ mean?

In July of 2010 I had my whole air-con system replaced by amcco, which was approx $1200. Now six years later it's blowing hot air. Does anyone with an 02 Lincoln Ls have or had any problems with their a/c, if so, any solution?

Or is it difficult to replace the oil pan an estimate on cost. Thanks

cost to replace pulley

While I'm inside the car I can't open the door
The handle doesn't works

I changed the master cylinder, ABS and camw to find out it was the booster, now my cluster panal and my speedometer not working , does this sound like the ABS module? Should i put mine back in since it wasnt the issue in first place?

When I put the AC on the driver side is cold but the passenger side is hot. The seats are air-conditioned two and both the driver and passenger side will come on cold it's just the vents

Bag Driver's side went flat however passage side still rose and will not go back down how do o get passage side down??? Can you deflate bag on passenger side

Fan doesn't come on and car runs hot. New thermostat and hoses replacing water pump next.

My cars ac is cold on th e drivers side, but a quite a bit warmer on passenger side, its charged but thats not the problem

The car runs smoother at a higher speed even if AC is on

Problem just started both lights (0n each mirror) quit at the same time, turn signals still work and nothing else seemed to quit?

coloum shifter

Could it be the stsrter