Changed the spark plugs, wires, and most of the parts to do with the cylinder firing. Still have the code and is still running rough

What will it cost me to get the new tranny programed to the car?

this has happened many times, have to jump start it everytime

Do I still need a new key or can I reprogram my pats system key if I change the computer, the ignition and everything associated it

How do you turn off chime sound when you stop

the problem started two months ago and is yet to be solved

Oil pressure light came on and has a tick in it now
And using oil

Which has been installed . Still having problem. Please advise

Transmission oil cooler lines running from radiator to transmission

Transmission lines leaking, both to transmission from radiator.

Air suspension not working

Sometimes I can hear the compressor click on

I see the a/c controllers but for the heater

when I bought the car was told it needed some kind of bearings don't remember what it was drives great but then all of a sudden it just starts swaying to the left

the air condioner still works but it makes a banging noise while running

Idle air control valve replaced, fuel filter replaced, plugs look great. Will die on freeway at 65 mph or in drive through at idle? No check engine light or trouble code.

Air conditioner works fine when car is moving. Does anyone know what that could be?

after adding some coolant gas there was some leaking yellow color

My car was accelerating at high speed for no apparent reason. if i took my foot gas it would pick up speed by itself.

I've had 2 alignments in this truck and the day after I got the alignments, it was back to the way it was before the alignment. Whata going on here?

I'm in the process of replacing the intake manifold. This seems to block the removal.

Does my car have front air bags

My engine fan want come on causing the engine to run hot . Boiling my antifreeze out

cool air is only coming out on the driver side a little bit but not much there is none coming out on the passenger side

My dad held the gas peddle to the floor and rolled the motor over and it started just for a second and died again right away

I have 2001 model Lincoln Town Car with 4.6L engine. It shows error codes P0302 and P0401. I know little about cars. Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your answers!

my var doesnt run it soons like its drowning
It barley moves and at the end it turns off
It feels like its to hot arond the moter but nothing shows in the meters

Started a while ago

My water pump is leaking out of the weep hole had it checked out the water pump needs replacing how can I get to it behind the timing case

it doesn't do it when going down the road and has good power