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we have hosed the car and no visual sign. we have also pulled the seats and carpet out. I can see a water trail that looks to be comming from the dash by the a/c evap. The water drips out of the weep hole on the outsi...
When driving slow or turning slow there's this loud grinding noise that sounds like its coming for the rear of the car
can you drive a 1995 Lincoln town car without a thermostat?
Fixed a leaking hose, changed thermostat and changed fan. It doesn't get boiling hot and it cools down when you stop driving and let it idle. What can be done to fix this?
seems when cold you have to give it more throttle to make it slip.when i`m in traffic it starts to slip right when you give it gas.
Just replaced brakes and rotors and the pulsating feel is still there when braking. Could it be the calipers because they are dual piston on each wheel? Thanks in advance for the help!
I practically have a new battery, I replaced my alternator, and the starter is just fine. when I put jumper cables on car it will start up no problem, once they are disconnected the dash lights are still on and the ba...
the driver's side wiper arm won't rotate properly, keeps hitting the other wiper arm
What all has to be removed or repositioned in order to allow the valve cover to be lifted high enough to clear the head assemblies? Spark plug cables? Battery ground cable? Left side Ignition module? What else? I can...
My car had a bad winter! I am disabled & rely heavely on it for transportation. When it is cold, the car started fine but had to keep pushing gas pedal until it warmed up, then ran fine. Today, March 12/15, I started ...
An going problem. When heater or A/C is turned on no power as found by mechanics they say it is the cars electronic control. I would like to buy this car otherwise,Was asking 1200. thinking of offering $970. what is ...
It loses power and cuts off while I'm driving, The check engine light stays on.
idles great but still overheats when driving no air in system don't know what to do next
I have a burnt valve and it's producing thick white smoke coming from my right tail pipe.
Still works but can't press because it has pushed up inside!
have removed thermostat want to make sure I don't have air n system