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I didn't see it under the paseneger side or under the right side near the brake. Please help?

wipers not working at all & controls on steering wheel not working. is there something that controls both the wipers & the controls on the steering wheel.a fuse out or something along those lines

I got it used and the previous owner put in a new radio system.

AC Compressor ceased, don't want to mess with it anymore. Gives nothing but problems

And the more you give gas do you louder no noisy is

My Lincoln Navigator 2004 keeps stalling every time I put it in gear but have had times where I am able to drive it but it shakes really bad and sounds like it's going to stall on me. The emmision light came on not the engine light but was told it was one in the same. I just recently had it repaired for a head gasket and don't know whether the problem is related to the problem I'm having now. Which I would like to know before I take it back and complain, since they charged me $2000 & was good only for 1 week before the problem I'm having now started. I won't complain if it has nothing to do with the head gasket repair.I would like to know whether it is or isn't & what it can possibly be that is causing it to do this.

My 2001 navigator continues to shake after having coils and plugs replaced. Everything from catalytic converter fuel pump and compression has been checked several mechanics have all said they don't know what's wrong

when i turn my wheel i makes a lil bit on noise but not to much

gas tank is full, car cranks strong, just won't start

My car had been sitting unused for about 2 months. I jumped strated it and took it for a ride, when I parked it. I tried to start again but all it did was crank but no start.

Cant pass my emission test

the drivers side floor board fills with water with no apparent water leak trail. This happens when it is raining. What are possible causes, and fixes

when time changed this spring, the clock did not update it to the new time.

I have had trouble starting my Lincoln. I had it towed to the dealer, and they replaced my battery.
Problem still persists. SOMETIMES the car will not start, or turn over. When I get it to, the check engine light comes on. I had my husband take it to the dealer to diagnose the problem, but the dealer says the code doesn't store in the computer. The codes that do come back are gibberish. The last time my husband took it to the dealer with the light on, it stalled.
The local dealer said they have no idea what is going on!!! Told me I could pick up my car and the car would be okay!!! But with the non starting, and check engine light coming on, I still feel like there IS a problem.... any ideas?

It starts up fine and drives good no smell or burning don't have trouble starting up

I'm hoping the motor didn't go out an how would I know

I check everything else out on a water pump so case radiators okay radiator hoses are okay I just can't figure it out after it runs for about 5 minutes it starts to run hot again

while car is running it makes a weird sound from the engine and even when I turn the car off. Sometimes while driving my car will completely die, and starts back up with no problems. Its died serval times. Now I have a burning rubber smell coming from under the back end of the car. Not sure what the issue could be.
Please help

I see more than two line going to the back thats not gas lines help

My anti theft shut engine down. When I turn the ignition all u hear is a click. How do I bypass or reset factory installed alarm?

How long can you leave the accessories on without wearing out the battery?

It comes on in the dash like a check light

how to fix my rear sensor in my 2004 navigator

my check engine lite is on as well as the abs and the traction lites. car shifts but sometimes abs kicks in and locks the back wheels...

It happens as soon as u go to put it in under thevsteering sure it has to be something grounding out.....

Am fm works fine.

The intake manifold has a hole in it. The engine has not run in three years.

Moon roof won't roll down and radio dnt wrk,

no fuel pressure vehicle has spark somebody said the chip key is not allowing vehicle to start ?