Discovered a dark black fluid leaking onto my garage floor. I brought the car into the shop and they stated there potentially are two leaks (Transfer Case seal & rear engine seal). Stated they would need to remove the transmission to fix the leaks, estimated cost $1200. Does this cost seem appropriate?

I have replaced the radiator water hose thermostat flush radiator and still no heat

Why is my TC and ABS lights on continually?

The window will stop after I start rolling down. I have to roll back up then down to set it to go all the way.

It won't do it again until it gets shut off and sits for a while. It only does it one time. When we first take off.

Got to the point whr i have to disconnect battery every time i turn off vehicle....does anyone know what it may be caused or what do i have to replace something a friend mentioned tht it cld just be the dimmer switch tht needs to be replaced? Could tht be the problem? If so how much wld tht cost me.....

This is the first time it did this

Changed balancer didn't improve,any ideas,could the alternator have shifted?

it looks like my water is flowing into the intake instead of out

We checked and can't find a leak. What is causing this problem. Where is the suspension module located in this car? What should i do?Does the suspension module causes this problem?

My cruise control stopped working. It was fine throughout a 1000 mile trip but stopped just before I got home. I looked to see if there was a fuse for that function but was unable to locate one.

It sounds like they forgot to put some kind of muffler back on it or insulation. Replaced cabin air filter, and that whole system seems to be running good, just very loud. Noise not from engine compartment.

It has just started but I'm scared now. Is this going to get worse, should I have it get looked at right away? It's happened 2 days straight now.

There is a small motor running on the driver's side under the hood. It is enclosed. This motor turns on and off intermittently. Even when the car is not running. I know it's not my fan. I don't know what it is for.. The box it is in is part of the car. I can't see it but it is kind of loud.

replaced the starter had the battery charged. wont crank just clicks now i dont know what could be wrong with it?. cant afford getting it towed and in a shop right now.

Passengers side seat modules location

When I press for seat to go up it will but won't go back

Heater putting out cold air

The light on the running board on the passenger does not turn off after parking car.

This happens quite frequently.

Okay when I drive for first time-shut off and then hard to turn steering wheel after just a bit. Now can drive about 10 - 15 minutes and starts up again with wheel hard to turn. Repair put in new rack and did not solve the problem

everytine i try to start it

I am Hearing a popping sound and feeling it in gas pedal after about 15 to 20 feet of driving after switching to drive from park. Won't do it after the initial time. Basically everytime i turn the car off and turn it back on it will do it from Park to drive or reverse to drive. Any idea what this might be? It reminds me of the sound you make when you use your finger to pluck the inside of ur cheek. And a slight upward pressure in the has pedal.

I'm also hearing noises coming from my wheel

this has occurred a few times and the fella at the shop does something under the dash under the glove box. like he flips a switch and a/c works great.
what's my long term repair for this issue?

I have a 04 Lincoln Navigator, today it started puttin then shut off. Low oil pressure came on. Put oil and coolant in! Drive couple miles then shut off again. I started going to a new gas station thats 30 cent less then other gas stations in area
Could this be a problem? Did it mess something up or will it act right once better gas get in it?

I purchased the vehicle but did not get the inspection sticker done within the 7days. I now have a rejection sticker and the dealer is refusing to fix it. I had it diagnosed by the inspection station and it is coming up with code #b2259 faulty passenger side airbag.

intake manifold is broke what tools are needed to fix it

As long as I'm driving the processor is running never Turing off,but the rear end of the car never raises. Could this be because of an leak in the lines.Also Can you show me pictures of where everything is just to make sure that I'm doing the right thing. This is all the time.

My 2004 Lincoln Town Car engine light came on reading p0355. How do I find which coil it is that's the problem?