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All the others work and I am wondering if this can be fixed or need to be replaced.
My car was running 3 weeks ago then I had to take it for some body work we have checked fuel and thats good but there is no fire to the coils
the pump has been replaced also the alternator. I need to look at a drawing of the system please.
my car will only go in gear if i push the shift lock override button. how do i disengage this?
It also smell very bad when you step outside the car. I just had the car at the dealer on friday. They could not duplicate the issue. The car does not smell all the time. I had it out all day today and I did not smell...
just recently cut off the cavt. converter and replaced it with a straight pipe and also replaced the radiator. The car continues to do the same thing.... RPM goes up real high before shifting and once it hits about 6...
My mechanic told me those light flecks in the pan in front of the radiator mean it's going to crack. The metal on top is dark, and in front it's lighter showing fine lines which mean it will soon leak and lose coolan...
my drivers side door latch has broken inside door and window is jamming against it when I try to run window down how much will it cost to rplace or repair latch
my driver side wont open from inside and outside whats the problem
Overheating..replaced the thermostat, water temp sensor, neg bat cable back on after several days. no accessories,power lock, antenna, alarm, personal lights,radio and warnings
brake lamps dont turn on
sometimes my clock changes, and when i use my blinker the radio cuts out for a second. sometimes when i hit the brake the radio cuts out for a second. can see dash lights slightly dim when i hit the brake. doesn't alw...
How do I get the diagnostic codes for a 1993 Lexus SC400 v8 engine?
Is there a safty shut off on a 1997 lexus sc400? If so where would that be located at?
Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1997 lexus sc 400?
1994 Lexus SC400 running hot has 182,000 miles what could it be?
Wher is the port located to recharge the A/C
I noticed a burning smell the other day and now the a/c isn't working at all. The belt looks ok. I'm in need of a good reliable repair location. Thanks, Jim 832 880 1181
This comes on, Intermittently and in on or off position
i changed three catilytic will not get over 35 mph.converter gets red hot.
the passenger window failed 1st, few months later the driver window failed. I don't drive to school anymore cause the windows won't roll. What can I do. I was told it may cost $1800 to fix.
removed 2 plugs black like running rich, checked fuel regulator ok no fuel in vacuum line, no codes.could it be m.a.f. sensor?
Owners manual for my 93 SC400 says adjust timing belt at 60,000 miles. No other mention of timing belt. At what mileage should it be replaced?
wondering how much would it be to replace it ..wondering if anybody had to replacement a radiator on there sc400...157,000miles on it
wanna know how many diffenernt reason it could much does this usually cost
why do these blow and how long do they last or should last after u replace much does it cost to fix
how much does it cost to fix and why does it blow out???