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my batterie is new and ifn i leave the car 3 days without using it the batterie is dead. is there na wire some where whom is cut or something like that thank's

The unit which has the touch opening is jammed. I'm afraid to force it open and really don't want to bring it into a Lexus dealer because I'm sure it will cost a lot of money to repair. Anyone else have this problem? If yes, how did you get it open??? Thanks

need to change thermostat 06 lexus where is it located

The headlamp gets moisture anytime it snows or rains.

The dealer says since the leakage is from interior - tie rods. Due to complexity, they can't disassemble and fix the leakage. So i need to replace the whole Power Steering Link.

1. Is the car safe to drive?
2. Is it possible to fix without replacing the whole Power Steering Link?
3. Any advice welcome

This happens every time. What could be the cause?

I noticed a large water leak stain on the inside passenger side cargo area. The dealer is checking it out but indicated it may be a body seam split. The car is low mileage and well kept - this doesnt seem right.

found a cut on the steering rack boot on the passenger side, took it to an independent lexus repair shop and they told me that the steering rack is leaking and has to be replaced.

My AFS light started blinking today. What is the cause?
How do you fix it?

Just had the wires and plugs prplaced and just filled up with unleaded gas. Gas mileage is 23 in town.

Nothing more to add

i plan on keeping it for a while

light broke off there is a wire attached how to reattach bulb wire?

it is leaking and needs bilateral replacement. Have 52K miles. How much should front and rear replacement cost and should I do all 4 at 50K miles? There are no symptoms and car rides great. Is it dangerous not to replace them now?

Every time I turn my steering wheel either way I hear a clicking noise. What can be the problem? It did this starting the first time I drove it after replacing the rack and pinion

vehicle thumps when hitting bumps dealer says i have a worn knucle.

This happens ocassionally and if you turn the vehicle off then back on, they typically go out.

We have a 2004 Lexus RX 330. About a year ago we replaced the tires with BF Goodrich Dueler tires. We now experience a loud noise at around 60 miles per hour. The Lexus dealer says we should have bought Michelin tires. Our repair guy checked the bearings and they are good. The tire guy says we should have rotated the tires. While we get the run around, we are being tourtured by this noise. Any suggestions?

I have upgraded the phone several times and there seems to be poor connectivity between existing bluetooth in 2006 lexus and the newer technology. Very often I get this obnoxious noise when I try to use my newer technology cell phone through the 2006 bluetooth that came with the car? Is there an upgrade or remedy for this? I have spoken to ATT, Apple and Lexus to no avail. HELP

I'm told the part is about $200 as is labor, for a total of slightly over $400

took the car to a lexus dealer to have oil changed and was told there was a small leak in the rack n pionion steering rod.

My car says I have 0 miles to go but I just filled up. Any reason why this may be happening?

VSC light on, remote key doesn't lock/unlock etc.
Clock and gas mileage rest each time after restarting, power window auto does not function, power back door only functions when the engine is working, power telescopic steering does not move while removing the key, Home link does not work.
All these items working separately and it seems that all are symptoms of one problem. my guess is a blown fuse or problem with ECU programing

Now the car will not start. What could be the problem causing the temperature gage to go wacko?

ive pulled the vent housing anf it seems to tunnel further towards the front and god knows wher i cnt feel reach or suck it out

My 2004 RX330 was purchased with 24000 miles on it 5 years ago from a Toyota dealership in Stuart, FL. Was told the car came from an owner of another Lexus dealership in Tampa. There were no cracks at time of purchase. Since then there have been numerous cracks appearing all over the dash and around the ignition switch. There is also some issue with the material around the switch as when I turn my key in the ignition swith sometime when my fingernail catches the material it will scrape it easily off. Has anyone gotten an issue like this resolved from the company? What is the best approach at this point? Thank you for any input.

I have my car serviced at the Lexus dealership here in Charleston, SC. About 1 year ago I noticed a fine hairline crack from the passenger side air vent. I happened to have my car brought in for service around the same time and pointed it out to the service manager. He said they couldn't do anything but would call "Corporate" to see if they would cover the cost of the part... they called me about 1 day later and "offered" a 25% discount but I would have to pay for labor... Total price for part was $1500 and labor another $1000... the 25% part discount was like a slap in the face... I certainly expected more from Lexus!!! We have been loyal Lexus owners (5 of them) but this will be the last, too bad because they run great! they just fall apart cosmetically. The cracks are now covering the whole dash... I stopped counting after 18 and the one over the airbag is really deep.... I sure hope it won't disrupt the efficiency .... oh what a legal mess that would be for Lexus!!!!! If anyone in Chs, SC has any advise please let me know. Thx

Can anyone tell me if there is a torque requirement on the nut that is threaded to the spindle in front of bearing hub assembly on a 2006 Lexus RX330

diagrams will be helpful