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light broke off there is a wire attached how to reattach bulb wire?
it is leaking and needs bilateral replacement. Have 52K miles. How much should front and rear replacement cost and should I do all 4 at 50K miles? There are no symptoms and car rides great. Is it dangerous not to r...
Every time I turn my steering wheel either way I hear a clicking noise. What can be the problem? It did this starting the first time I drove it after replacing the rack and pinion
vehicle thumps when hitting bumps dealer says i have a worn knucle.
This happens ocassionally and if you turn the vehicle off then back on, they typically go out.
We have a 2004 Lexus RX 330. About a year ago we replaced the tires with BF Goodrich Dueler tires. We now experience a loud noise at around 60 miles per hour. The Lexus dealer says we should have bought Michelin ti...
I have upgraded the phone several times and there seems to be poor connectivity between existing bluetooth in 2006 lexus and the newer technology. Very often I get this obnoxious noise when I try to use my newer techn...
I'm told the part is about $200 as is labor, for a total of slightly over $400
took the car to a lexus dealer to have oil changed and was told there was a small leak in the rack n pionion steering rod.
My car says I have 0 miles to go but I just filled up. Any reason why this may be happening?
VSC light on, remote key doesn't lock/unlock etc. Clock and gas mileage rest each time after restarting, power window auto does not function, power back door only functions when the engine is working, power telescopi...
Now the car will not start. What could be the problem causing the temperature gage to go wacko?
ive pulled the vent housing anf it seems to tunnel further towards the front and god knows wher i cnt feel reach or suck it out
My 2004 RX330 was purchased with 24000 miles on it 5 years ago from a Toyota dealership in Stuart, FL. Was told the car came from an owner of another Lexus dealership in Tampa. There were no cracks at time of purchase...
I have my car serviced at the Lexus dealership here in Charleston, SC. About 1 year ago I noticed a fine hairline crack from the passenger side air vent. I happened to have my car brought in for service around the sam...
Can anyone tell me if there is a torque requirement on the nut that is threaded to the spindle in front of bearing hub assembly on a 2006 Lexus RX330
Can rotors become too rusted to turn?
I had noticed for some time that the window was lagging in opening or closing all the way. After getting into the vehicle and putting up the windows I heard a loud noise from the within the window and saw it would not...
i just had my timing belt changed by a private mechanic for my 2005 lexus rx it wont start..nothing is showing up on his diagnostic devices..what is the problem?
It makes a clicking sound and a fan just runs under the hood
Where is the (headlight) rear-height sensor located?
My CD player keeps giving me an ERROR 4 code. I can't selecte it from the radio. It reverts back to the radio. Is this a simple fix or should I refer it to a dealer?
i Need to the timing belt replacement procedures.
When is the timing belt supposed to be replaced?
this seems to happen when i apply the brake then stays on until i shut the car off
I need to replace the rear seat shoulder harness. Could use some advice on how to remove the molded interior parts covering the shoulder harness assembly so I can remove and replace it.
Went in for scheduled oil change was told belt boot was ripped and leaking. Took in for repair and told entire rack and pinion needed to be replaced. Now car vibrates even more when reaching 75mph. Is this related?