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Starter? Happened after fueling. Stranded. Never happened before, no indication of problems beforehand.

Passenger side windshield wiper doesn't work

I've a lexus Rs330. The transmission will let go in Drive when it's cold. After a few miles driven, it stalls and go no where. But, it still shifts to reverse and moves. Changed the transmission oil and filter but no use.

passenger side vent blows cold air when heater is on...driver side works on both sides..not so with heater..

Had the spark plugs replaced and afterwards the above lights were illuminated. Have had a 'vacuum valve' replaced but no change. Diagnostic codes are P0446 & P0451. Is there a reset that needs to be done?

When I turned the air conditioning on for the first time this year, the passenger side air is cold, so I know the air conditioning is working. But the driver side is cool at best, not hot, but certainly not cold like the passenger side. Cycled the mode several times thinking a vent door or flap is stuck closed some where...checked cabin filter....suggestions?

Do I have to use a Lexus manufactured rack/pinion, or can a shop like PepBoys use their rack/pinion?

Problem was intermitten and has become persistent in past month. Brake light switch was replaced @ dealer in the past 6 months. All other functions are normal.

How is major maintenance different from routine maintenance?

3 weeks ago bought this car in old car dealer w/ 138k miles.
the VSC, Trac Off, Engine lights come on. OBD code is P0328.
When happen, car runs ok in driving, and engine runs ok as open hood in checking, but feel rattles badly inside of car when in idle waiting traffic light. So gear to N in waiting to reduce rattling. >_<
Technician cut a cracked vac. hose end and fixed the issue. But issue come back later. Then tie vac. hose w/ cable ties. Issue back also. Tried gas cap too. Need grease to seal gas cap tight?
Looks like VSC + Trac off come on first, then Engine...

When it's closed & it rains or I take it through car wash, water leaks in at sunroof & sun visor mounts I am concerned about mold growing in head liner

Sound maybe like flat spot on tire?

Temp's are below zero - problem coincides with frigid temp's. Do I need to take the car I or is it reasonable that it's simply just too cold?

I put the upper part of the rear seat down for more storage and now it is stuck in the down position. How can I get it back up. Has anyone had this problem before?

I have Lexus RX330 2004 Model. recently it started to indicate 'Check engine for Catalytic convertor sensor'. Now it shows frequently. Please help if any one had same problem and what will i have to do for getting rid of it.

The outside rearview mirrors do not automatically adjust when backing up.

Heater worked one minute and the next it only blew cold air. I was low on antifreeze, I added some. What could the problem be??

what do these mean

Sunroof will not close...Lexus says cable on each side is broken and will cost over 1,500 to fix...anyone else having similar problems or knows how to fix?