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We owned 2 Lexus RX 330 and the sunroof stopped working on the first one a couple of years ago but since then we have replaced that car with the same one and the same issue arose with the sunroof where it does not clo...
lights are all lit up on the dash now (were not on when I sent the car to personal repair man). He tells me to bring car to dealer if lights are bothering me that much. Any way to reset?
If AFS light is flashing and the AFS button on the dash does not turn it off, what is wrong?
If the AC is set up on the same temperature the driver side blowing wormer temperature that passenger and can not get cooler.
My RX with 70K miles When accelerates vehicle jumps or jerks. Its like feeling of little hang and jumps the car. I did check with Lexus dealer, they check with computer and DTC reader and confirms no issues. Trans...
The clock remain @ 000 however thr rev meter works fine
What are symptoms of power steeering pump problems? what is approximate cost to replace? How would I know there is a need to replace?
Why is it so expensive to replace a right rear wheel bearing. $463 parts and $450 labor. I understand the labor. Why is the part so expensive?
Engine will not crank/turnover. New battery w/clean terminals. All accs, lights Door locks, etc. Works.
Is there anyway to set this default value?
the problem occurs after the car is running for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Sunday night I was driving down an interstate and I started hearing loud pops like my tires were popping .. I almost lost control. I eventually ended up in the middle median. My RX330 was towed to a garage where th...
The car has 81,000 miles and has had the dealer performed 5000 services with Mobil One oil changes at the same times. Went into the dealer for an 80,000 mile service and small oil leak from front bank cam cover. Had b...
My center console is jammed forward and Will not slide back.
I don't want to replace the whole assembly ($1000.00??????????????????????????????????)
Lexus 2005-2010 dashboard finish cracks up and falls off. My Lexus has only 79k and well maintained but looks awful now with this happening. LEXUS REFUSES TO FIX IT. WHAT CAN I DO. CANNOT NOT FIND SOMEONE TO DO IT A...
my batterie is new and ifn i leave the car 3 days without using it the batterie is dead. is there na wire some where whom is cut or something like that thank's
The unit which has the touch opening is jammed. I'm afraid to force it open and really don't want to bring it into a Lexus dealer because I'm sure it will cost a lot of money to repair. Anyone else have this problem...
need to change thermostat 06 lexus where is it located
The headlamp gets moisture anytime it snows or rains.
The dealer says since the leakage is from interior - tie rods. Due to complexity, they can't disassemble and fix the leakage. So i need to replace the whole Power Steering Link. 1. Is the car safe to drive? 2. I...
I noticed a large water leak stain on the inside passenger side cargo area. The dealer is checking it out but indicated it may be a body seam split. The car is low mileage and well kept - this doesnt seem right.
found a cut on the steering rack boot on the passenger side, took it to an independent lexus repair shop and they told me that the steering rack is leaking and has to be replaced.
My AFS light started blinking today. What is the cause? How do you fix it?
Just had the wires and plugs prplaced and just filled up with unleaded gas. Gas mileage is 23 in town.