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noise. Acts like it is not gettin fule. I changed the gas fule pump and filter but it did not help - can anyone out there help - thank you. Diagnostic shows nothing wrong???
I just changed my thermostat, and after that code cleared, 3 more popped on!! 0125 P1153 and1155. was told if i just cleaned out the MAF codes would clear. I changed the air filter when i did the thermostat.. and the...
i have replaced the nock sensers all coil packs sparkplugs this all hapend after i had the trany rebuilt now the car hesitates from gear 1 to gear2 and from gear 3 to gear 4 the only code i got is missfire on cyl12345...
The display is blank and the radio doesn"t work, but the AC does. Checked all the fuses with a tester and they are fine.
I've always leased because I'm not a car guy in terms of performing my own maintenance nor do I have a trusted mechanic. But I'm sick of leasing and finally want to own outright but maintenance is obviously a factor. ...
My wife is complaining that sometimes when she drives the car and stops, she get a puff of exaust smell in the car. It does not happen all the time. The mechanic can't find the problem and does not actually smell anyt...
I have been disconnecting the battery cable to turn off the check engine light but within one or two gas fillups it comes back on!
i have a 1999 lexus rx300 i bought the new valve i already had this valve clean and was told if it goes bad again replace it
my radio is not turning on. power supply is OK. the display is not working also
CODES ARE P0300, P1310, P0300 P/D, The car shuts down at 2800 rpm. First thing in the morning it will rpm up all you want for a few minutes, then it starts shutting down. We have changed plugs, coils, maf,coolant temp...
It smokes some upon starting, but stops as engine warms up. Has only done this for say a month or so.
I recently had my front struts and front strut mounts replaced. Repair (with a 114.00 diagnostic charge) cost ~1500.00. Did I pay too much?
recently had a timing valve replaced and 5 coils. Oil level got real low before it was fixed.
rpm run higher after engine warms up engine begins to roar - this happens all the time - check engine light is on
One day it looked like new and the next day it was cloudy and gray looking. Can't figure it out?
getting a puff of smoke when sarting with 120,000 miles o the engine and regular oil changes
problems with the evap system. Could the transmission work have caused this problem?
My brake light on the back of the vehicle do not work. The fuses are fine and so are the bulbs. My ABS light also came on and the gear shifter stays in Park.
Lexus RX300 1999-2003 Diagnostic in Advance Auto Parts show P0021 Camshaft Position Timing Sensor need to me replaced. Also: Misfire P0300, P0304 CYLINDER 4, 5 AND 6 Symptoms: While driving in about 60 mph feels...
Recently replaced all tires and vsc seems to sometimes activate and make beeping noises when going around sharper bends, even on only wet or dry pavement, not even snow.
Which bolts do you loosen to lessen the belt tension
Worked on 5 times now..emergency light was working before the last repair(?). This time the light bulb blew..electrical smell and now the emergency lights don't work either and the radio light is very dim. The told me...
We replaced a front headlight and back brake light but the indicator light is still on.
codes p0300-302-304-306-p1351-p1354-p1730 . should i freakout or pray? nice car but worried have to get inspection next week. engine light on.fix or run?