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I purchased this car used to replace an older model which was totalled out from under me. My AC works great but the heater dosen't. Suggestions please? Could this be a cable, vacuum line, blocker door?
with check engine on 198000miles still run great
I tried starting my car after six days of not starting it and there were no lights or engine turnover. I did a jumpstart and it started right up.I am told that there appears to be a parasitic draw. Any advice woould ...
Have an oil drip and think the filter might need to be changed, but cannot find it.
We had the bank1 and bank2 oxygen sensors replaced once they are disconnected the shifting issue subsides, but reconnected the shifting hard happens in low gear 2000 and 3000 rpms?
How much does it cost on average to repair the rack and pinion on my car
My 2000 Acura TL will not even try to start. Turning the ignition brings on the dash lights but only yields a click when turned to the start position. The battery and Alternator have been tested good. The starter had ...
Need to replace car. We're not 'car people' & want low maint. and SAFE. Thanks!
Need to replace car. We're not 'car people' & want low maint. and SAFE. Thanks!
Like the car stall when taking off what could problem be wrong with it?
I drive a 2002 Lexus RX300 and I hear a "cracking" sound when I accelerate. What could be causing this?
when you start it up in early morning for the first time. My check engine light is on and my VSC light is also on. How much will these repairs cost me?
What to know what part may be damaged or needs replacement.
Driving first thing in the morning, every thing OK. After the engine warms up and either I stop or slow down to where the transmission has to change gears, the transmission will not shift into 4th gear. After it has s...
My car is reving and jerking. No matter how much I pressed on the gas the car would go no more than 20 miles and hour, and if I tried to go faster the car would almost stock and the enging reved like I was just sittin...
why would engine light remain on after replacing denso air/fuel sensor
Diagnostic codes P1300 and P1155 on 2001 lexus rx300. Do these indicate exact position of coil and sensor?
ck light came on again. then got p0174 and p1150. cleaned filter box and changed air filter and went 200 miles. light came on again and I get p110 bank 2 sensor 1. suspect I need to change it, does soaking in alchol c...
now under the front of the engine the round encased piece is glowing after driving
side airbag has never deployed, but now the indicator light is on
sterring wheel is locked
The dealer wants $100 to lift the hood. What might be the total cost?
I have replaced the Plugs I have took the coils off and moved them to different cylinders cleared the codes and the same codes keep coming back when it is running I can un plug the number one and number two cylinder ...
my mechanic says I need to replace the knock sensors at a cost of 950.00. The code is P0330 for the knock sensor. He says the part is inexpensive but the labor is costly due to where the parts are located. I am wond...
If I wanted to find just anybody to work my car, I could do that I can by myself. I would like to see local options including the dealerships in area listed also under repair!
anybody know what would cause the brake light on the dash to come on or flash and ding