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My taillights, running lights, and brake lights aren't working and I've replaced all of them. The problem with the lights came after a trailer was attached to the vehicle. The rear side lights are not working either.

I changed the spark plugs and noticed it had an oil leak. I started the car and it shut down do to the low oil light came on. I know it has a feature to shut down the car when the low is low to protect the engine. So what do I do.

Labor cost to repair mast

During warm weather hatch stays up fine but when temp drops to lower 30's it slowly creeps down

When I brake the pedal goes to the floor about every third push. Is this the brake booster or master cylinder? What would be the cost to repair?

looking for the cost to replace both knock sensors and the harness

The main hood latch won't catch.

started app 6 months ago seemed when engine shifting from 2nd to 3rd, now seems to happen from 3rd to 4th, can feel & hear it from rear, don't notice @ faster speed on hwy

My floor was wet and watering when raining recently found, it seems from winshird. Hhow can I fix this problem? Or I have to send to the dealer to repair this problem? Many hnaks

Transmission issue began about 2 wks ago on road trip (ie., car rapidly accelerated, gears wouldn't shift, and made slight squealing sound. Had it diagnosed & received codes P0770 & P765, I think. Moreover, I also received code P1135 but I believe that was for a O2 sensor, don't know if that's related. Anyways, the following day started car without problem but haven't tried to drive it since. In fact, I had car transported back home to be safe. Is it okay for me to try to add transmission fluid to see if this helps? Also what is the avg.cost of repair? I don't have a warranty so I'm trying to determine if the car's value is worth the cost of repair. In addition, I'm concerned if there will be more costly problems as a result of this major transmission issue. Please advise!!

And it won't go over 3000 rpm when I try to accelerate it just chokes out...will idel fine.. but hard to start

All calipers, pads and rotors are new and just put on. I jacked it up after driving it for a couple minutes and could barely turn the tires and all the rotors were really hot.

iwant change out the battery cables first ...the ones I bought have only one spot to make connections on each post ....but the Lexus 300 rx 1999 has two positive wire that are connected to two separate positive connections on the battery connect from the factory.....Question I join both Positives on the connector ....or do they need to be separted buy the type of battery connector that has the two connections?

I replaced the starter yesterday.

While on my first roadtrip, post rebuilt tranny, I could feel a slight hesitation in speed. It's almost like the car had a hiccup. There are no warning lights on, I had my fluids checked before I left. I'm slightly concerned because we have a 600 mike return journey home today and it's just myself and my mom.