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It is still misfire ing. Check engine light. Comes on and goes off repeats
code is lean on bank two
about a month ago, i noticed at certain times when i accelerate from a complete stop that a loud groaning noise occurs. Sounds like it's on the right side. Has new brake pads and rotors so it's not that. My husband...
My car doesn't go over 40 mph. It feels like it is really bogged down. It drains gas a lot quicker than it should (it took me a whole tank to drive 200 miles)
The weather was cool I turn air condition to hot, after turning back to max cool the air condition does not cool again
Just had work performed on my car last week. 1. FRONT PASS WINDOW IS IN-OP - CHK AND ADVISE (found voltage at window going up, not down 2. LUBE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE, CHECK ALL FLUID LEVELS, CHECK AND ADJUST AS R...
has no thumping sounds it runs just fine till i go over 60
It also seams to go into a antiskid mode and the car jerks and then straightens back up. No codes found. It only does it when you turn a corner. I also have arattle in the rear of the car when you hit a bump. I put it...
Hi, I have a Lexus RX 300 2003 model that has no acceleration after ignition and when in gear. Only the reverse work without issues, however while in drive, I experience no power in acceleration only until the car has...
Said there was a leak on his driveway. He wouldn't tell me what I need to do as far as is this dangerous or anything.. I'm a single mom and worried that this is dangerous. It has 100,000 miles. Sue
Brake pedal depresses, braking occurs, but bumps and chatters
Later on that day got check engine line. Had code ran got cylinder 3 not working. Had all 6 cylinders replaced even though tech stated they were good. Now getting codes on cylinder 2, 3 and one more. Do you think I su...
When I activate the drivers window the left and right back seat windows as well as front passenger seats go down at various times.
The codes that appear are B1421 and B1422. I believe that code B1422 is for the solar sensor on the dash and I would like to disable it. Thanks
2003 rx300 awd with abs,vsc,trac
I replaced coils in 2, 4, 6 like the man at advanced to me to as the codes read that way.It ran fine for 3-4 months the it started idling real rough an not going into overdrive now the codes pop up to replace 2, 4, 6 ...