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i start my car my speedometer working or not working sometime its start working after about 15 min of driving how i can fix this problem?
The car will stop at random times and will typically start back but feels like it is missing
Should I simply look into trading in my car or fix the repairs? The repairs will cost $2746.29 total.
Got oil change yesterday, pulling out of shop when turn all the way its stop will not move At slow speed ride like bumpy any one knows what’s wrong? Please
Back blinkers work fine. hazard switch blinks only back lights as well.
Speakers worked when car was turned off. No sound in any mode when car turned back on. Turned car off again, on again, then speakers worked for a second before quitting. No sound now.
driving fine, no problems, get in to go to the store, it won't fire up. The engine has no clicking sounds and the battery seems to be fine.
1999 lexus lx 470 step -by- step front brake rotor removal
There is no tugging from the front wheels and no performance problems when accelerating, only the noise and a little vibration.
I have a lexus LX470 year 1998 with 70K miles 1 month ago I got the check engine ligh on for the first time ever I have taken it to the dealer 3 times because the first two times they said it was a fault with the velo...
The lower dash and console lights do not illuminate. I've checked all of the fuses and they are okay. Is there a connector that may have come Loose?
truck started then died! tried restart acted like dead batt. hooked up charger on boost will not crank. horn and lights work. batt cks good with meter. all guage needles [speed, tach, oil pres. etc FLASH off and on?????
I noticed that every time I park my car outside the garage at night and drive it on the morning the engine, vsc track, vsc off light is on. It's 43 f outside during the night and I was wondering if this is causing thi...
While driving home yesterday, the engine check light, VSC off, and track was displayed. What could be the problem. Any help appreicated.
looking for replacement bulbs (2 pin) dealer wants $90 for 3 bulbs, truck needs 12 total
No running lights or tag lights in rear.I put new bulbs in and checked fuses. Head lights work and break lights work just no running tail lights or tag lights .
We have had three coils replaced and different ones continue to go bad. After the car sits idle for a few days, we start the engine. The check engine light comes on and the engine runs rough. The dealer has replace...
inside dash noise sounds something like blend door actuator problem.. similar to stick caught in fan motor but louder and intermitent. also goes flat out when centre dash centre module is removed.?? very odd anyo...
My antenna will not come up It only comes up about 6 inches. It was just replaced last year.
The alarm on our LX470 was set off by kids playing by the car. Ever since the vehicle wont lock using the key or the switch on the door. The Theft deterrent light indicator flashes but I know it is not engaged as th...
Vehicle was checked at repair shop and no code problems. replaced fuel filter because it was due
I'm LX got very bouncy, was told the height sensor was bad. The "part" cost approx $1000. Turns out...there were 3 parts : Rt front, Lt front and rear it possible these ALL went bad at the s...
is this possible? a coil test,and can two coils 2 and 6 go out at the same time adn do you know what could cause this thanks
I just replaced my lx470 axle boots but the outer boots are still leaking - any advise
When driving at 20 mph feels like i'm running over bumps in the road but it's rythmic (bum...bum...bum). Below or above 20 it's okay. The mechanic says it's the hydrolic sensors going bad? I think it could be unbal...
is it ok to splice brake line with compression fittings
got a o2 code from autozone replaced both on drivers side how long before the engine light goes off
how do i turn off the matanice light
what is the 2nd start feature for?