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the car was put on a home code reader to shut off engine light. when the reader was removed engine light was off and then this problem with the vsc lights appeared. help how can I reset it.
The battery seems to be OK. Is there an auto shut down feature, anti theft or other system that is doing this? I bought it in April 2014 so this is new to me. Any advice?
The VSC light won't go off when I press the button. Nor will the cruise control engage when I press it
I never heard of it. But other then that the car is fine.
It sometimes says that I am over the speed limit when I am actually driving at the posted speed limit. Very irritating
The system is in general working OK but the Front Nearside sensor is continuously showing the red bar. Can I fix this or can it just be ignored?
My mechanic seems upset that I found part online , now hes telling me that after installing part the unit neefs to be programmed is that true
Looking at two Lexus LS 430s both are now 12+ years old, both under 45,000 miles. Neither has had timing belt changed. Opinion/Experience: Does the belt need to be changed due to age and possible hardening of rubbe...
Mechanic advised me that my right front wheelbearings need to be replaced. I can hear grinding while driving.
My traction light want go off, VHS light want go off and the engine light comes on when I start the engine
When adjusting level of A/C flow, touch screen buttons will not always change when touched. Also, adjust clock is problem. Is not recognizing touch. This has just started. Will it quit completely? Is it expensi...
The temperature gauge went high while my car was standing on with Ac On for a while. i checked both the fans were working. so what shall i do ?
I have a 2002 LS430 with Mark Levenson system. The radio works but only with on screen touch. The volume and station controls knobs do not work. I can hear the radio but cannot control anything with the knobs. It work...
PO440 Evaporative emission system PO446 Evaporative emission system vent control P1566 cruse control mail switch do I have a timing belt or timing chain
Do not work, I check all the thing the book say fuse and all but nothing make the sun shade go up or down. Can you help?
Just purchased vehicle with only 49k miles. Left rear speaker buzzess/vibtaes with any bass volume. Would love to upgrade NAV & stereo and rear speakers to a new audio system that can access Pandora through an app o...
2001 Lexus Ls 430 ( I have turned the volume down before and now I forgot how to do it again) . Recently changed battery out.
Any ideas on what this could be........... loose connection or do I have to replace unit (very costly).
Paid approx. $470 for brake work at a reputable company. Sensors are still on although brakes works well. Should the sensors have been changed at time of work or reset? What is proper repair procedure in this situatio...
every time I go down a uneven road the front end makes a bumping noise like something is lose, no one seems to find it.
What, if any components make up the Euro-tuned sports suspension? The car rides on the Lexus 18" rims.
I have the navigation system with the Mark Levinson stereo. The volume control on the center console works fine. The steering column control button will change from AM to FM to CD etc. It will not control the volume ...
No problem as yet, just anticipating brake rotor and pad replacement.
My Lexus LS 430 2001 has 120,000 miles on it and per the manual I think its time for a spark plug change- what is the best spark plug- Denso or NGK?
The speaker appears to be split and therefore makes a terrible noise when more than a little volume is turned on.
Engine light when on and when I went to the dealer he diagnosed the above problem