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shop diagnosed as replace exhaust manifold,catalyatic converters,center pipe,oxygen sensorsX3 and gaskets -$3675.00 Showing code P0430 catalyst efficiency below threashold This happened a week ago and are ...
The belt pulls when I start the car and when it gets going it stops making the skreeing noise.
canister purge for a lexus gs 300 to be replaced
New parts r Battery, Spark plugs & Wires, Brake Pads, Calipers Rotors, Upper Control Arm, Fuel Filter, Power Steering Pump, Oil Change, Thermostat wit new Hoses, EGR Valve, Intake Manifold Gasket and Distributor Cap. ...
I tried to have my car pass emmission I put the guaranteed to pass in it but still fail on NOx any help will do thanks..
This ck enging and vsc light comes on then goes off and after a few days it comes on again.cant figure it out
This ck enging and vsc light comes on then goes off and after a few days it comes on again.cant figure it out
should the engine be running and warm when checking the fluid level in tranmission, if so my level is just visable on dipstick 1/4 0f an inch, do you think I need to top it up very carefully????
stater continue to run with ignition off
My 1996 lexus GS300 cruise control not working and no display for cruise control on the dashboard, airbag light always on, AND HORN ALSO NOT WORKING.
A speaker is blown in the back dash. I need to know how to get to the speaker so that it acn be changed out. i do not have the original manuel. if any one know please share?
There is a speaker that is in the back of the lexus that sits above the middle seat. The speaker has blown and it needs to be taken out. i do not have the lexus manuel to tell me how to release the seat. i need to kno...
Hello sir thanks for the respond.this is what I had to do today sunday 02/05/2012 I pulled the transmission pan and filter out I found inside the filter shreded plastic it looked like clear plastic. So I cleaned the f...
I'm not having any issues and wondered if I should because its pricey at the dealership.
Under a load when driving you hear a sound like ruving or va va va va sound but with hi pitch sound....
Replaced motor and master switch panel but window stops and starts erractic. ECU makes click noise when trying to operate window.
tire still good but fender was damaged during tow - How can this happen? Just bought car 6 months ago 120k miles- 3 indicator lights came on as incident happened- never had this happen with any other do you ...
I recently replaced the starter, fairly recently replaced the alternator and have been told my battery is fine.
Put key n dr won't opn drs..wks whn it wants...locks me out!! Batt yr old..why? HELP ME???
where is tne shift lock located on my 300 lexus 300
Took the car to the dealership and they tested the relay but that wasnt the problem. In order to get the car started i have to turn the ignition key all the way on and manually stick another key in the relay to start...
The mileage is 77600 and I just changed the oil, but warning is still on.
I have a 1993 gs300. the trans started actin up. it would only go into gear when it was warmed up. now it dont do anything. I believe the pump or torque converter craped out. I want another opinion before I chang...
Sorry left out its the REAR control arm on both sides. The long bolt attached to the spindle needs to be remove in order to remove the REAR control ARM on the 1996 lexus ES 300.