Over 60mph it pauses while driving.. what do i need to do to correct this

the over heating part and also my steering wheel shakes at 50mph and also when I turn I hear a knocking noise

new starter, ignition switch, battery. checked fuses pertains to ignition.

the bucking is worse when cold but its impossible to go out on the highway.

Is my emissions ca. Sticker is missing

This happened before. I recall there's a drainage hole that gets plugged and needs to be cleared, but where??

started a while ago would need steering fluid
after a few months now 48hrs!!!

The car will be dead in about a week. I check the doors. The only thing on is the alarm.

Check engine light scanner does not log into engine car is woking but acceleration dies after three or four miles. Ecu scanner logs in ABS & SRS & Cruise control it checks normally but can't log to engine. Can you help me please

The acceleration works perfect until the car temperature gets to the middle i feel short power in acceleration & the check engine sign is lit

The manual said to see dealer.
Any easy fixes, or approx. cost to repair?

I bought a pioneer head unit and bought the wire harness only had one plug and the stock Lexus radio had 2. I'm looking for harness on eBay that has 2 ports but all of the have the 1 port with wires.

Faint whine when shifts from 1st to2 nd,whine is unnoticeable after upshift to 2nd,this problem is one I just began to hear.

i had my two rear tires for my lexus es 2002 replaced and the after a few days the traction , vcs ,abs and brake light warning symbols appeared on my gauge. can this be related. the symbols stay on consistently. no check engine light.

the key will not turn at all no more so im gonna remove it and have a locksmith re-tumble the cylinder itself

The smell and smoke comes through the air vents and pollutes the car. It's misfiring and burns through gas very fast. Sometimes it turns off completely and I have to wait to try to turn it back on. It usually would go back to driving perfectly when I put Lucas fuel injector into the gas tank. It's 4 months later and that has stopped working. Now it smokes with the injector included. So far I've oh have the wires , sparks , rotor cap replacements. The mechanic that fixed it thought it was a faulty ECU ECM but I don't think so. Now it's at another shop undergoing diagnostic . Also there is loss of power and and it will barely drive while smoking.