just aquired vihicle was told "don't start, won't run don't know why"

Car overheatsp

My AC stopped working. The AC light on the dash is steady and green, no blinking. The cabin filter is fine. The fan relays are also fine. However, I drove the car on a hot Houston day on the highway and the cooling fan on the driver side did not go on. The one of the passenger side was on. Could this fan have failed and is that why the AC is not going on. I had a cooling fan fail on a Chevy Cavalier and to protect the engine the computer would not allow the AC to turn on.

I was on the highway, in traffic, driving like I normally do, except I had the AC on. I noticed that the Hybrid battery Icon drained to almost nothing within a min. Is the battery malfunctioning? Can the battery completely drain while I am driving,. I had to shut the AC off (sweat ) and then the battery starting to come back up. however it took a while. I had to drive in a hot car, in order to have the battery charge back up

reset engine ck light. vsc off came on and would not go off

have only had it for 3 mos, put 3,000 miles on it and had trani serviced and checked and said i should have no problems and all i would need is oil change. mechanic today said oil and water are fine. each time i start vehicle white smoke comes out of exhaust, after running for awhile it subsides. has only happened twice, once this am, not after i filled it w gas, and then 15 minutes later after a 5 min pit stop it did it again? help...throwing no codes?

Dealer states the door was in the open position when I dropped off the car. This is not correct...they just don't want to take responsibility. Dealer wants $225 to fix. Are there instructions available to fix the problem myself?

Nothing works. This is the first time this has happened. I've recently replaced the battery and alternator and fuses look good yet there is no power. No lights, bells, or anything

what other things would cause the ceramics to melt in the converter

I changed my headlights in January, unplugged the battery in order to do it myself. After reconnecting, had to reset the seat memorys, power windows, that normal stuff. But since then, sometimes the thermostat above the navigation reads the wrong temperature, or will read in Celsius while the thermostat near the odometer reads the correct temp. Also, the A/C won't blow heat, will not blow hard, and no matter what directional setting, will only blow out of windshield defroster and a little out of the middle vents. Air works and but for the first 30 seconds to 1 minute that the car is on, it won't allow me to turn on the A/C. The windshield defrost button will just blink. Also, if I have the A/C running and turn the car off, when I turn it back on, the A/C is back off. Toyota told me I need a new thermostat and coolant flush but my old Mazda dealership I worked at that new very little about Lexus said it sounds like Toyota just wanted my money and it doesn't seem like the problem is the thermostat.

Replay new antenna for sc430 Lexsus how much does it cost