They are round and have a yellow tint to them but i dont believe its a bulb and i dont have the owners book for the car

I've always heard a humming sound when driving but it appeared to be a normal sound but last night it became much louder and it is a whiny high pitch sound coming from under the hood when I am idling, shifting or driving. We also noticed some noise when we turn the wheel. There are no error codes on the diagnostic reading nor any lights or messages on the dashboard.

the audio cover does not work

Car starts with push button but shuts down while I still have the button pushed in. Sometimes it takes several tries to keep it started.

Several times when I have tried to start the car it starts, then shuts off with me still having the button pushed in. Several times I have tried to start it over and over again. It starts then shuts off, pushing my seat back as if I'm going to get out.

It will turn over but won't start

Ac comes on doesn't blow. Any air

from second to third gear my car is jumping or lagging

Almost all keys on touch screen display is not working. I can just operate temperature button and turn on and off AC. AUX port is also not functioning. Please advise.

something fell off the vehicle while driving on the highway,about a minute later I was parking to check it out when everything seized up..I noticed the car quickly overheating & loosing coolant from the overflow resevoir. After turning it off & looking under the hood I noticed a pulley missing & the belt loose.Any thoughts please?

its taking time to start then after running for sometime it will just do a quick start.

I just replaced the engine with a low milage engine imported from Japan last week. The mechanic delivered the car with the check engine light on, and stated he can figure it out but it could be the knock sensor. After 2 days and total of 10 miles of driving the car would not run meaning it would start, but stalled . I kept my foot on the pedal mostly to get home but when rpm reached 1000 or so it stalled. Took a code reading of 55 and 71. Could you help me fix this because the great mechanic stated NO WARRANTES, so I wonder why!!! Hmmm.

After resetting code it comes back in 40 . I know the shift solenoid is in the transmission pan located at the valve body is only one clip two electrical plugs the part is $200 and I want to make sure that I get the right part.

Acts like it isn't getting gas?

Ac button stays on green blows hot air i hear compressor click on also blower motor works cause its blowing air system has charge please any help????

What can be the problem ac button not flashing im at my wits end what could be the problem.

I keep the AC off until I can make it to my mechanic or does that matter?

What does the engine do when the Engine Control Computer is bad or going bad?

On the 1993 Lexus SC300

my lexus 570 2008 model start but can accerelat

car will not start

White smoke always comes out the tail pipe every time the car sits for a few hrs or over night evertime I turn it on, it's always a quick good smoke and then disappears but the car runs well. ..should I worry?

This only happens when the outside temp is over 80 degrees. When I turn off the car and restart it the lights go away. Sometimes they stay off but when I start driving again , they may or may not come on again.

Car accelerates very very slow even while driving or standing still.

having difficulty finding repair mechanic (other than dealer) that is willing to fix ! why is this so hard ?

Leak under car can not see were it is coming from as the placstic cover has 88 k on the clock and its book in for 90 k service any help would be good thinking oil leak rear main

Or remove the headlight assembly?

the side mirrors will not go in when ignition is turned off or go out when starting.

When I pull off from a complete stop and I press on the gas my car hesitates to pick up speed

How much cost to replace the dash?And the accurator