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so i bought a lexus and changed the transmission, the starter, the alternator, the radiator, even the radio tape deck Now my car won't start i didn't hear the humming in the trunk from the fuel pump i took it out atta...
On road loose metal nuts bolt sound. Shop said bolts loose. Noise still there I'm afraid to drive. What all is taken loose or off to replace rear valve cov gasket. Going back today do I just ask them to recheck every...
trickle charger indicates 100%, but key fab doesn't work and when I try to start the car no lights come on and the car won't start. Battery is only 1 year old. Car acts as if the battery is dead. no sounds, no noth...
Do I have to use a Lexus manufactured rack/pinion, or can a shop like PepBoys use their rack/pinion?
either set auto or turn on headlight the headlight washer will spray water . Please help.
Problem was intermitten and has become persistent in past month. Brake light switch was replaced @ dealer in the past 6 months. All other functions are normal.
Ran fine going down the fwy until exiting, then very noisy and rough with no 3rd, lack of power, and engine light. 1 day later, no drive gear at all.
Where is the Cabin Filter located and how often do I need to change it?
What is the mount? What is the cost to replace both of these? The repair is to Replace Rear Schocks and Mounts
How is major maintenance different from routine maintenance?
I replaced my a/c compressor and evaporator due to car not cooling properly. Now the problem exists- the repair guy says that the leak need to be fixed by taking the whole front dashboard out requiring 7-8 hrs labor a...
Also where is the shut off switch for the air suspension?
Dealer didn't hear it bc it would only happen sporadically but now it is constant
I backed into a tree and hit it only with passenger side mirror. Wasn't going fast as driveway was iced up. I had power steering before bumping the tree but lost it immediately after. Lexus dealer found codes C1532 & ...