I ve had the transmission fluid changed with another ws fluid had mechanic clean the filter still it jerks

while driving all lights came on at once I also have a screeching whistle sound if air is on usually stops after a few min. but sounds horrible. on freeway had a bumper from a car come flying at me and could not be avoided so I ran over it the next day all these lights came on any ideas would be appreciated thanks

I was told by the Lexus dealer that this SUV has a chain timing belt that does not need to be changed.
Can you advise?

Also, do you see any serious repair issues with this model?


Dinesh rajan

This happens when first started in the AM. Noise last only 15 seconds or so, but then it shifts fine and no noise the rest of the day. Just had transmission replaced. No noise when in nuetral or park. Also had oxygen sensor replaced, but have check engine light on and no traction control. Problem shows as code 21 for the oxygen sensor. Anyone familiar with like problems?

When I disconnected the battery and reconnected the battery the car started to stall when I press on the gas. What could be cause of this.

changed belt and pumps at 102,000, now at 134,000

Car runs little while then shuts off

Does the headlight need to be removed?

it gets where it wont go in reverse is there a sensor on tranny thats bad it shifts fine but dies when idle but in neutral it runs fine

i wrongly interchanged battery terminals

is it hard to change a starter on a awd

Price is below blue book and dent free.

3 lights on simultaneously while driving Pulled over pronto & checked manual and Google Lexus forum. Checked for any fluid leaks/none and temp rock solid where always. Said check gas cap and 1-2 drives light go off its that's it. Drove the short distance home and parked it. Next day went to drive around neighborhood to see if lights would go off. Made it about 50 yards/loud engine noise. Parked curbside/turn off/checked under car/really fast pink fluid leak/assumed coolant. Walked back to car later/still leaking running down gutter and coolant reservoir appears empty. Power steer and tran fluid appear ok. Don't get why VSC and trac off would come on in connection with major coolant leak

When i put my car in to drive and give it gas it cuts out and and berly moves

Wy dos my car seems like it running out of gas when u give it gas

What makes my car not shift .when my head lights are on but when i turn the head lights off the car will shift and run fine.

the tail light is melted and need to know if it could be an electrical issue.

How can i fix screeching noise in fan area when starting car-goes away after 1 minute

Well first it was air conditioner was frozen, car won't start,after belt broke, then it was car won't start because carbon build up.????????

It blows air just not cold air. What I do before bringing it in to a shop?

This occurs after sitting idle with engine and air conditioning running

Sometimes fairly loud.

I dont drive the car in winter, bettery went dead, now charged, didn't remove battery to charge it. How to reset computer in order to have state e-test done. Happen last year, had to bring to Lexus dealer to reset, cost $250.00. I would like to avoid this very large bill this yesr. Heard I can do it myself, how can I reset the computer?

It doesn't happen all the time but when I lock the doors the alarm will go off for no reason. Also I have the key fob but it is broken where it attaches to a lot chain can I get a new fob for this car or can I just replace the battery in the old one

I put a new alternator on a new duralast gold battery new serpentine belt

Is there something that can be done? Did they use the wrong replacement parts?