my car runs great when outside temp is below 40 degrees

Back passenger tire

only when car is cold ( first starting out my day) Then it's fine!

I have 155600 miles - has been an awesome vehicle to date.
A nationally chained repair shop recommends: (1) valve cover gaskets leaking needs replaced at $527. (2)transmission pan gasket leaking needs replaced $327. However, the
independent Toyota/Lexus shop recommends (1) trans flush $130 (2) T-belt sticker $249 (3) spark plugs $186 (4) water leak and timing belt $610 (5) power steering line leak $655.

Why does the national repair shop not bring up the water pump leak? Why does the Lexus shop only mention trans flush where the national shop say trans pan gasket leak replacement?


The window does work with the control of the button on the rear passenger door. The window will not work via the driver door control panel.

I spooned out as much as I could, but the next day the computer detected it. I'm being told by Lexus that I must replace all parts in the system ( $ 9,000). This was done about 4 days age.

I need to replace my ignition sensor and I have another car for parts


I took my car to the Lexus dealer after a basic routine maintenance and a warning light came on with the description "Check Hybrid System". It was the only light on.

I let them know of the problem They ran a diagnostic on it, the car came back with trouble code: P0705, they told me that the transmission control module needed to be replaced; parts, labor, and tax would cost $1300. Note: They did not replace the part yet.

They told me that it was an intermittent fault and that if happens again that they will need my car for a few days to run some tests.

I'm not sure that the transmission fault is causing the Hybrid light to come on, could I be wrong?

The problem started after I changed the fuel pump

I need to replace a leaky heater core in a 2004 Lexus ES330.

Someone told me it was a tension pulley so I kind of blew it off. Yesterday I was driving and my battery light popped on I turned the car off and it didn't start back up. I got a jumpstart it started but every time I made a turn the battery light was popping in and off so I cut the car off and it didn't start till I jimpstarted for a second time

I had driven about an hour and was parking in my carport and the trail started when I was in the concrete and s bigger spot when I delayed to pull in . It was like water , I rubbed my hand in it no smell and not greasy. Condensation maybe ??? But is that normal ??? Just had this car 3 days , runs great , love it . Now worried

I had the alternator tested it'not the proplem!something is killing a brand new 119.00 battery any suguestions's on what it may be?

Why will key not turn to start vehicle

Steering seems much heavier than I would expect in a Lexus. Car has the "Sport suspension" not sure if that has anything to do with it. Tires inflated properly etc. 72 K on the car. Fluid topped up.

I reset it by simply diconect ing the battery

Radio comes on but has no volume and had to replace the 12 volt battery

My heat/air only comes out of the defrost, also, the dual temperature does not work.

When i stop at a light it will jump a little

I did change computer main box and reset completed but sucurity light still on how can i do it to turn it off or cut it off

shfter is hard to get out of park and into drive....

from the left hand side of the engine.The mileage is 101000Km and is fully serviced by dealership.

what causes the shifter to jam?

While it's in drive as if it wants to go? When I put it in neutral the rpm goes back up to normal idle? What could be the problem? How much for repair? I need help...Please God bless...

dealer says front motor mount is soft and dogbone should be replaced, it this common with only 82,000 miles.

Just purchased the car, hoping it would be a reliable choice, now day 3, I hear a revving sound while in the lower gears, it doesn't happen all the time and didn't happen at all when I test drove it.
Any idea what this might be?

Loud alarm, when eng. starts no breaks. Drove fine the day before thin wham! No breaks! I did notice that the reservoir cap seal split and pice was found!
Probly not sealing, can this be a factor? Can the seal broken on the reservoir cap cause the problem by air getting in be the problem?

I have had 2 tires on our 2002 ES300 that just won't maintain the correct pressure. I have had it into the tire shop and the stems replaced. The problem has persisted from the old set of tires to the new ones install about 6 months ago. I have heard that others have experienced a similar issue, in particular on a 2003 ES300, same problem. Depending on miles driven we might need to put in more air in two of the tires 2 to 3 times a week. Does any one know of a problem with the Lexus rims having defects that allow air to leak out? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I changed the pressure line but now my brakes won't catch I bleed them and added fluid but still no brakes