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A lot of the codes are U codes and the check engine light comes on as well as the suspension and stability control light. Hooked it up and it shows 11 fault codes. Would this likely be a battery issue or much worse?
Whenever I take the car through the car wash and I take the key out of the ignition the car will turn the radio and air on and off and the hazards flash continually unless I apply the brake or lean something on the br...
After about 5 minutes maybe longer maybe shorter it will cut off and sometimes restart. It does it while driving down the road as well. While idling it fluctuates from high to low. These issues dont always happen, som...
Noticed this a bit ago and now it is developing a bit of a shake at about 50 mph
I'm told it is an LR3 problem and those warnings were taken out of the software? I just had a new radiator and all hoses replaced. It is an HSE and has 130k miles on it.
when braking at 30MPH or higher
Hi there. Just started this morning. Like a chirping sound or a ballpoint pen clicking noise. I isolated noise to under my driver seat. Tried adjusting the chair forward, backward, etc. Adjustment 'hickups' whenever t...
Vehicle has 100Kmi runs fine. Started with cold weather
I am new to the world of Land Rover and am dealing with suspension fault issues. We have already replaced alternator, battery, right side sensor, and compressor... Got it back and light came on again.... Help!!!
The screen is not showing the 4 tyres as it used to. Now the engineer checked on it and said the touch screen is bad
i changed the air compressor and now i found out that the front is more higher than the back.
it sounds and works fine it just is louder lately. sort of like a fan sound or whoosh sound. could it be the spark plugs? a belt or chain more likely?
Don't want to fix all 4. Trading vehicle soon. How do mechanics diagnosis leak.
and now the brake light has started to come on and go off
I'm about to buy a land rover LR3 with 90,000 miles on it. The carfax shows that the short block was replaced at 46,000 miles. How concerning is this? Also, it shows "air suspension checked" quite a few times. I am ha...
if no lights are flashing does that mean nothing is wrong? once i start driving the trucks suspension goes back to normal..but once i park it for a long time (12 hours or more) it begins to sink. any thoughts?
I put in a new battery and the battery light stays on. Checked the alternator and it is sending over 13 volts to the battery.
fault/sensors..have checked.. Drive is sluggish...However, I turn car off and then turn right back on..and code is gone and drive is fine.. any clue as to what that is..thank you
My '08 LR3 just displayed a "Transmission Fault- Limited Gears Available" warning. I can drive it, but it seems to be starting in secong gear. I've seen people talk about all kinds of strange reason why this may happe...
cant get to the small parking light bulbs in front
air suspension fault light comes on and only gives normal driving range as an option. can a sensor be bought from the net and if so can i install it