the transmission seems to have an issue when shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear, also when you come to a stop you feel a little jerk when the transmission downshifts to low gear

Checked the fuse box not sure what fuse it is.

I've been receiving recently the msg transmission fault with limited gears only. As the car stops shifting correctly. Can somebody explain what is the problem exactly? Thank you.

Hi, everyone!
I own a LR3 2006 HSE, recently showed an amber light with a warning message on the dashboard about a suspension faulwt where only can drive on normal height mode. The car was scanned and these are all the fault codes found: U0122, U0402, U0418, U0421.
Please, could you help me to identify where is the problem and how to fix it?
The amber light appear just after the reparation of the air compressor (just was changed the complete compressor repair kit)

Thanks in advance!

Worked fine yesterday. Heavy rain last night sunroof left partially open. Water on center console

the dash board is reading -623

Even when plugged in, nothing. Garage saying wait till it goes, however seems to run most of the time. cannot sell till fixed. crank sounds different each time some times clicking sometimes just turns over without starting.
seen a few videos on youtube same problem but no answer, can anyone help?

Occurs everytime during low rpm and stopped. Had spark plugs, new throttle body, fuel injectors cleaned.

Hi, G'day!
Please, could you inform at how many km recommend to replace the timing chain?
Thanks in advance!

I purchased recently an LR3 2006 and now are lighting a check engine warning in Amber color, was scanned and results could be problems with elimination of the fuel vapor, the fuel cap is ok and well locked, I'm suspecting could be will be necessary to replace the canister, please advise and provide an estimated cost.
Thanks in advance!

Can anyone suggest, how to get back in High Gear. Electronic transfer box. Worked perfectly before front prop shaft replacement.

do any of these codes refer to the ZF module

does the one i have on the bad transmission work on a replacement from salvage yard

The high beams do not come on when the right turn signal is activated or when the left turn is partially activated.

Could it possibly be a case of bad gas?I just recently filled up the tank. I used high grade fuel this time rather than mid-grade as i usually do.

engine coolant temperature circuit range/performance
- fuel temperature sensor A high input

A lot of the codes are U codes and the check engine light comes on as well as the suspension and stability control light. Hooked it up and it shows 11 fault codes. Would this likely be a battery issue or much worse?

Whenever I take the car through the car wash and I take the key out of the ignition the car will turn the radio and air on and off and the hazards flash continually unless I apply the brake or lean something on the brake. After it dries or time goes by it stops. But if I don't lean something on the brake it will continue sequentially on and off....so water is getting in somewhere. I took it to a automotive repair shop and they did not have a clue