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Just replaced the right rotor, caliper was fine, bled the truck will not shift out of park. Have checked fuses, tranny was fine prior to sitting for 5 days while rotor was replaced. Where should we look f...
Will not start when tank is under half when left over nightNight
Runs fine and will empty tank but if left over night when below half a tank will not start until topped up with fuel Cheers Ian
these lights are the large off road lights not my lower fog lights which work fine
2002 discovery 2 with V8 gas engine: Every time I try to start engine, I have to crank the for 10sec or more, then turn completely off and crank again until it starts. Very embarrassing at the gas station. Not sure if...
Wood the 1997 front shaft fit the front shafts for 2000 land rover disco.'s 1&2?
It idles smoothly but when accelerated it blows out lots of black smoke and doesn, t accelerate very well until it hits 2000rpm
mechanic checked fuses and states he doesn't think the fuses are the issue.
there was a rattling noise while i was driving and truck ran real rough
the door wouldn't open when the interior switch was pushed, and in trying to open it (so i could fill up! lol), the plastic tab on the door itself came off. I have no idea how it fits back on, or whether it's been dam...
I have this problem periodically; the only resolution so far is time. I really would like an answer, as I sometimes have to leave the keys in the LR overnight, which puts it at risk of being stolen.
exhaust has two front and two rear sensors...........
Drivers side headlight assembly
spots beneath both left front break lines
The word "code" shows on my LR. I bought it about 2 months ago, and would like to listen to the stereo.
This happens about 50% of the time and is putting my vehicle at risk of being stolen!