The inside of my range is sagging down- the cloth- it almost touches my husband's head how much will it cost to change it and why does that occurred?

Hi, G'day!
Please, could you inform at how many km recommend to replace the timing chain?
Thanks in advance!

Key fob worked until car battery reset everything. Now only way to unlock car is to stick the key into the door.

I have a 2004 range rover hse I bought from carson cars about 1year and 3 months ago its been great I had a guy check it out when I bought it and he said there's an exhaust leak anyway I let my girlfriends niece drive it and she accidently turned the hdc on and it went out and ever since then ive been having problems and now the car starts up loud and if I eccelereate the rpm dhoots up to 4 and mph wont go past 30-33 mph. can somebody identify the problem

dealer says needs a new fuse. how much should a new fuse and labor be?

I replace the ecu fan which was the other code that's fine now. That would of pop at 2000 degrees. Engine temp.. Replace the break switch. Saved the old cause I figured it was fine break lights work all the bulbs are good and correct. Wondering if I should replace the trans case motor after checking the wires.. Oh yeah traction control light is on and the abs not worried about the abs won't fail emission just need the p1703.

Has 135,000 mi.
oil level fine

engages and disengages. Tried new relays, no help

I purchased recently an LR3 2006 and now are lighting a check engine warning in Amber color, was scanned and results could be problems with elimination of the fuel vapor, the fuel cap is ok and well locked, I'm suspecting could be will be necessary to replace the canister, please advise and provide an estimated cost.
Thanks in advance!

it runns good otherwise

1998 Rang Rover SE 4.0 Automatic transmission. When I put the car in gear- D R 1 2 3 nothing happens, I can hear the transmission turning as I put it in drive then shift to 1 2 or 3, but the car wont move at all. When I turn it on it says GearBox Fault. Please help thanks -Patrick.

Can anyone suggest, how to get back in High Gear. Electronic transfer box. Worked perfectly before front prop shaft replacement.

do any of these codes refer to the ZF module

oil light icon has come on

I have fluid leaking out of the front axle. I need to fix it but, it will be a couple days before financially I am able, in the mean time I don't want to run it dry and I'm not sure how to go about this can you advise me in this matter?

does the one i have on the bad transmission work on a replacement from salvage yard

But no water in the oil or spark plugs. Do you think this is a blown head gasket or cracked head or What?

my cars electric air suspension isn't lifting the truck up and it started by the driver side sagging but it would level when I turned the car on now it' tries but nothing