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The back-up lights are functional and work. The third brake light, above the lift gate also does not work. Could the recent repairs created this new problem?
replace the coil pack 3 times it runs good for a wile but keep going bad, the coil pack i mean. what could be causing this . plus is giving me a p1471 reading as well should i replace the a...
Just replaced the right rotor, caliper was fine, bled the truck will not shift out of park. Have checked fuses, tranny was fine prior to sitting for 5 days while rotor was replaced. Where should we look f...
Will not start when tank is under half when left over nightNight
I'd like to replace them with extractors twin pipes cobys and mufflers
Runs fine and will empty tank but if left over night when below half a tank will not start until topped up with fuel Cheers Ian
i replaced the two vis motors and there was motor oil inside the intake not sure what is causing that can anyone help the codes are still on
so i notice my temp gauge was reading red and the engine overheat signal came on. i immediatley pulled over and had it towed to a land rover dealership. they said it was my thermastat that went bad and it would cost 6...
A lot of the codes are U codes and the check engine light comes on as well as the suspension and stability control light. Hooked it up and it shows 11 fault codes. Would this likely be a battery issue or much worse?
these lights are the large off road lights not my lower fog lights which work fine
Whenever I take the car through the car wash and I take the key out of the ignition the car will turn the radio and air on and off and the hazards flash continually unless I apply the brake or lean something on the br...
It does Make a click sound every time I try. I can see all light on panel,but te engine does not go. It show me some service code.
How it looks loke, is it normal or spical which is milt like candel