It starts on the rt side, moves to the center, then the left. The noise is constant.

My locks don't work. I need to fix it by my self please help

panel lights on dash is not coming on .

the light not wk in th dash can see how fast l going.ploblem with pane illumi switch.

Also is downshifting extremely hard

trans axle feels like engage at all times and it jerk during forward and reverse

2001kia spotage. Looking for fuel tank,from early 2001 model.it has all the hook UPS for evap system rite next too filler hole.other model has smaller filler hole,and no hook UPS for evap system next to filler hole.

i drive down about 20 miles or so then oil light starts blinking and will come on like the car is not getting any oil i hear a clicking noise on right side of engine got the computer thing done the codes r aaCMP timing stuck in advance position says that twice timing belt jumped took it in to the shop he said he checked it and timing was fine but when the has been driven and that oil light comes on that cars engine does race you can hear it so i lost the mechanic says he thinks the car needs a new motor !i don"t know what to do anymore!!!i need some one to help me!

when you start the car it's ok but check light is on when u r driving oil light starts blinking then stays on and the car starts making a clicking noise!when i had the diagnostic code it says aaCMP timing over advanced right side aa1probable cause timing actuator stuck in advance position,timing belt jumped ,but the mechanic says he's checked and the timing is good?he re changed oil and filter and he said that the oil pressure is only 4 and should be at 22?

Had a new starter put in but it still does it. Sometimes when the car is just idling. Also my lights used to go out on there own when I shut the car off but now they sometimes stay on so it must be electrical. Has anyone had this problem?

Remote will/ won't lock doors, interior lights will/ won't come on, trip milage goes back to zero. Started about a week ago. Headlights won blink when the is used.

I brought the car and was told that the Caterlatic Converter was colloged up I clean it out and it still miss firing.

I did a compression check got a reading of 145 on cyl #1. (check ENG code Cyl#1 misfire). we replace injector,omed tested plug wire /coil pack check good within spec.range as per factory repair manual.(verified 12 volts going to coil pack's /r+r plugs/r+r fuel filter and fuel in tank also oil and filter changed,All vacume lines check good no cracks or leaks.Vacume tested EGR valve working like it is supposed to (engine stalls out)as per repair manual.I have pulled only the top part of the intake manifold and throttle body and intake hose from air cleaner to accsess injectors.I did not remove the part of the intake that is attached to the the block.Help i am stumpped.car sat for about 4.5 years, R&R clutch ran great for about three weeks then this problem.Thank you for any advice you may be able to give me.

ESC off light continues to come on for no apparent reason. Whining noise just started and is annoying.

also do I need a filter for the transmission? If so which one?

There seems to be nothing that triggers the alarm. It can happen at any time of the day or night. I would be happy to just have the alarm system disabled.