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I need to know if it is in the fuel tank or on the fire wall. My dad is helping me fix it.
I put new TPS on has been seating for 4 years engine lite was on I put ODB code on it. it came up throttle system problem
I have a 1998 Kia it ran hot me me almost a week ago and now when i start to crank it it wont start. it sounds like it wants to but it wont. I put gas in it and the oil is good and so is the plugs. what do i do??
I bought brand new tires, but didn't make a difference. Is it because the car is light?
Had 2009 Kia Sportage fixed because ESC Off light on, cruise control inopperatable and rear lights out. Three years later the exact thing is happening and the dealer says the warranty of the recall repair is expired ...
car dives very good bur sound, makes every passenger nervous
Old engine block has a hole in it and is being removed.
what would cause this? And how is it fix without replacing whole dash?
same case when a/c is on where can i start looking for problemS
the car is running but when a/c is on the engine dies
the mechanic says the alternator is ok why my new battery always drain of power is relay or fuse? i just dont know where to start trouble shooting the problem pls. help me with this one thanks!
Front end checked KIA said they could find nothing wrong Where do I go from here??
Please explain in detail where i should put/place the tools or objects so i can open it manually. Thank You :D
When should I have it changed whichever one it is?
My car stopped running while I was driving it. I am able to crank it but it wont turn over. I removed the timing belt cover and it looks like the belt is very loose. Can I just replace the belt or is there internal...
Fuel pump relay and fuses are good engine runs if I prime it with spray but fuel pump not getting power
Whenever I drive for more than 3 hours or driving on top roads or in the hot period of the daylight, I try to press the gas paddle to get accelerate but the acceleration reach 3000 rpm and idle " no push power"....
Automatic Diesel Egn:D4EA7H282382; Vin:KNAJE551877389092
Automatic Diesel engine D4EA7H282382 Vin/Chasis KNAE551877389092
I have been told I need to replace the entire seat cushion to replace my passenger side occupant position detection sensor. Is this true, or can I just replace the sensor? They are saying I need part # 882001F5011BK...
gear selector bulbs need to be replaced in floor console auto trans selector
It usually happens while I'm accelerating. Sometimes when the doors are locked, they will just unlock. But when I'm driving, it just constantly clicks like it's locking and unlocking itself
I am replacing the fuel pump on my 2001 kia sportage ex 2.0L DOHC...I need to see the wiring diagram and need to specifically about how to bleed the fuel rail...any tipsyou have will be greatly appreciated...thank you