On 9/25 I was driving home and the engine light came on, I was able to pull into a parking lot and then the vehicle died. I had it towed to a auto shop. Since it was a Friday they couldn't get to it until Monday. On Monday afternoon he called me and said that he thinks it was the radiator that overheated and there was a leak. And when it overheated it shut down and the gauge didn't work. He also said that I was overdue to have the timing belt replaced and that it was badly cracked. So I authorized the work to be done. It cost $1636. I picked it up on Tuesday afternoon 9/29 and drove it home. On Wednesday I only went to work and back. Thursday morning I left for work, stopped to pick up my husband's paycheck and when I tried to start the car, it wouldn't start. So I had it towed back to the same mechanic. He had it all day Thursday and by the mid afternoon, my husband and I went over there. He wasn't sure exactly why it wouldn't start, but that they were waiting for the fuel to drain out because he said he thought that it might be a fuel injector. We left and went home, he called me about 4:30 and said the engine was seized up and that they couldn't even get it to wrench start. Now he is saying I either need to scrap it or get a new engine to the tune of $4300. I am having it towed to my house so I can get a second opinion, but something doesn't sound right to me.

we had to replace the heater core as well during this repair. major pain.

my 2015 sportage has a rocker arm noise or valve noise when we first start the car after it sitting all day or overnight, this started at 150 miles,has less than 500 on the car now, DEALER tried to say this is normal for this 4 cyl

2001 KIA Sportage

replacing timing belt and water pump on 2006 kia sportage

not much air flow. air flow wont change directions in cool or heat positions, klicking noise in all positions

not much air flow. air flow wont change directions in cool or heat positions

intermittent, will loose power, buck, and stall, engine light comes on. Had tps changed, been to 2 different KIA DEALERS 3 times told bad gas, then told no problem, then told computer in LIMP MODE, what ???codes po170
p021 lean 449 did ecm upgrade no help

Why does it come on and when trying to start it, sounded like a flat battery?

The plugs, dual coils and fuel filter by the engine have been changed by Firestone. Still runs BAD! The exhaust smells funny, and has no power. The idle is really rough. I thought the head gasket was bad, but no oil in the radiator fluid, and no water in the engine oil. #frustrated

My AC was due for routine service. Prior to taking it for routine service i blews cool air/and then would blow hot air. I thought after the routine service it would work better, it hasn't.

Runs good after starting. Does this every time. I put maf sensor, 3 idle sensors, new battery. Speed sensor. Gas control sensor. Check engine light not on so I am baffled since it runs good after starting. I also adjusted the gas feed cable screw.

AC is not cooling while Drive mode whereas chilling while neutral. Pls advise specific solutions.

It starts on the rt side, moves to the center, then the left. The noise is constant.

My locks don't work. I need to fix it by my self please help

panel lights on dash is not coming on .