I have a check engine light that stays on. The scanner is saying one code P0501=(vehicle speed sensor) .I have replaced the speed sensor on top of the transmission. Light has been on for 3 months. When i cleared the code after and did a drive cycle light comes back always. I have tried everything including bringing it to 2 different garages. No one knows what is wrong with it. I'm going on almost 2 months with no inspection because my ready monitors for emission test are never ready. Anyone know what else could be causing this problem with the check engine light?

remove & replace 3rd brake light

Only when you barely mash the gas pedal

My heat does not get hot.My antifreeze is fine.How much about will it cost?

What is it

The transmission fluid just blows out the dipstick tube and when I add more it all blows back out

Keeps idling up

just bought a new battery and now the brake light and battery light are staying on

Lights and CD player flickered before car died, wouldn't turn over after I got it back to house all it did was click but CD player and lights work. this is first time its happened but had alternator checked and its like new and I have a pretty new battery as well so I don't know what would cause car to just die.

off air. when I left air on I did not hear noise.Help..What can be the problem?First time this occurred.

I have a 07 Kia spectrum that when I start it up at night an turn on my headlights an put it in drive the car won't go but it will go in reverse with headlights on

My Spectra just recently started leaking transmission fluid. I was told that just changing it and replacing the drain plug gasket would fix it. Has anyone else heard of this?

I'm in the middle of moving so yesterday morning I moved my car into my drive way so I could load stuff into it. I forgot that I left all my doors open while I went back inside to pack up more stuff (about 20 minutes). I came back out and tried to leave but my car was completely dead (no lights door chime radio clock NOTHING) I thought it was just a dead battery so I tried to jump start it and nothing,. I tried to charge the battery over night Nothing. I even put a new battery in it and still nothing. What is wrong???

A/C not blowing, heat works, other than blower motor, what else should I check?

It is very annoying, doesnt madder if I hit the lock button on the door or on the remote it makes a very loud buzzing/grinding noise.

Power engine and electrical got home looked radiTor cracked plastic replCed gauges bounce still runs bad and needs jump but won't stay charged

Have been disconnecting batt, but that screws up radio settings, etc. Don't seem to have any REAL problems, just the warning light.

after i replaced brake light one week after the passenger side headlight bulb went out then after replacing i went thru a car wash and the driver side
headlight bulb went out the same day

How do I remove the panel to access the the locking mechanism? Door handle inside doesn't work and I can see any screws

It is a manual window.