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how to replaced alternator
I found one used automatic transmition from a Kia Spectra 2004
when you first turn the key on it showes park the when yu go to back up it goes to nutrul and L 2 and 3 dont work just D and it has tto be at 6000 rpm to change gears
this problem has happened twice within last week
Twice I was able to get back into reverse but the third time, had to get a push out of a driveway then just put it in drive. HELP
Sometimes I will wake up in the night to find my dash lights and parking lights have come on. They were not left on accidently. This has happened several times and always when it is very cold outside. I'm wondering if...
I had a cylinder 1 misfire code that was resolved by replacing plugs (used ngk's) and replaced the ignition wire that had dry (heat) rotted plug ends . Right before this was fixed the car started not shifting up past ...
Got a diagnostic code of P0036 and changed the corresponding sensor Also changed the fuel pump and filter. It will crank no problem but won't start
wen I push in gas rpm rev hjgh and car is barely moving also it will idle in first and second gear without dieing. I cant even pop the clutch if I wanted to its like there is no clutch the only thing it good for at t...
When it is cold outside the keyless entry, power door locks, power windows, dashboard lights, rear window defroster, dome light, seat belt alarm and tail lights do not work. When the car warms up sometimes they will ...
I bought my KIA May of '13 and test driving and owning it for 2 months drove fine. Then my left front tire started going bad and the car pulled to the left badly. Bought new tire but still pulls to the left, just no...
need to find out how to replace marker lights without removing headlamp assemblies
Only one previous owner and just bought it in February. The knocking does not stop and speeds up when car is accelerated. It just got an oil change and the noise slightly lessened. It's constant.
Tried everything heard could have been timing but that's all fine
I have this code, which is causing my transmission to go all whack on me. Does anyone have solution or encounter a similar problem ?
Also would like to know how much cost would be to repair.
When all the doors are closed my door open light in dashboard comes on and blinks and sometimes stays on and sometimes when I arrive home and close the doors the light stays on and I'm afraid my battery will go dead. ...
I cut the cables from the parking brake but only one tire freed and now it wont shift out of park and the brake pedal goes right to the floor I knw i did not cut the main brakeline any ideas
I don't know what else to do, can't see inside the car at night very agitated about this. Went quirk kia and they said hr rate is $100 when I asked about my dome light. thank you whoever answer's
We have checked all belts, hoses, fluids. just had to replace AC condenser had vacuumed and recharged. Worked for day and had to change fuse. ran fine now 2 weeks in, AC slugs a car down yes but im going 50 mph on smo...
I have taken it to severl garages and they all say they can not do it since they do not have the infusion needle for the grease gun. So I bought a needle and greas gun but don't know how to get the grease in, where t...
Just had the emissions checked while registering my car 2 weeks ago and no problems... I have noticed that for quite awhile the (manual trans.)engine stays rev'ed between low gears when I'm shifting - not sure if that...
Is this a big job or can it be a DIY job. The car seems to almost stall at times then starts to run well again in a moment.Plugs have been changed and fuel cleaner added to gas
I plan on replacing the part myself and am wondering if I have to take the bumper off?
suddenly died while driving. car crank but wont turn over. there's fuel and sparks. just changed the cam and crank position sensor, fuel pump, and fuel filter but still wont start. can anyone help or had same issues
this is the first time this happen. had it plugged up to the computer and said cam sensor, changed it but still wont start. the car is getting fuel and sparks. can anyone please help
It will come on when I hit a bump, then stay on for days until it goes out again. Then all I do is hit a bump and back on it comes.