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husband uses blow dryer on steering column and it seems to speed up the process
Car ran hot and shut itself off. Replaced the radiator and thermastat, gave car a boost, car crunk up with boost no problem. Drove car about a mile and a half to get gas and it drove great, turned car off while pumpin...
resurfaced the flywheel ready to install need to know the specs on he flywheel and pressure plate
My air want come on until I keep driving down the road and it will come on. But today I have drove it and it still want come on even after driving it for a while what is wrong with my car?
I noticed that there is an electrical plug to the shifter that is broken and I think the linkage is busted but I don't know what the parts are called or which to start with
We have checked the fuses and other things and those are working. We have also taken it to a mechanic and he could not figure it out.
Where is the main fuse to crank a 2004 kia spectra?
While driving I turned a corner and my car went dead. No lights, horn, ect.
The canister vent valve leaks fule and make the car stalls and I don't know why.
would like to do a system flush. I heard that it was not good thing to do. need to know which line is the return line.
My left turn signal only works if u do it manually an my hazard lights don't work either!! The fuses are fine!
I can be driving and all of a sudden the car loses power I get to the side and then she is good to go again...I need help for I do a lot of highway driving
The fan for the heater and the AC does not work unless I hit a bump in the road; then they come on. I have had to replace my headlamps monthly since May. I am no longer buying good headlamps, starting this month, b/c ...
My boyfriend has a 2005 Kia Spectra EX and it making a 3 beep noise off and on as he is driving?
Where do I find the clutch assembly and will this clutch assembly fix the problem?
The high beams and fox lights come on manually. The relays are ok. The switch was changed.
I se actuator work inside console whin I hit the brake and the button pushes but it wont shift
When driving the above problems occur. If cruise is on, it will shut off. Sometimes you have to try several time before it starts. Acts as if battery is dead. But then it will start. All this symptoms happen sometim...
Where is the best place to buy an affordable solenoid and transmission control part? Below are the codes and description I was given by someone at Advanced Auto Parts: Code: P0760 - Shift Solenoid C Malfunction Co...
Please help me with this code. I am trying to find someone that will assist me in detail with the repair associated.
I was going 45mph and came to a red light, I tried to stop but my brakes acted like they didnt want to work and my car started shaking and vibrating uncontrollably. I did get the car to stop with the peddle to the flo...
Check engine light codes are 420 and 455.Problem gets worse as car engine temp reaches normal.
To get into the car i have to hold the key in the unlock position and the pull the handle. When on the inside you have to hold it in the unlock position and then lift the handle while its still in the unlock position....
After being parked for an extended period the rear driver's side wheel will not rotate.
My 2006 Kia Spectra is making a high pitched sound (almost like metal scrapping against metal) every time it is driven in reverse. Once it is put into drive it continues for a short bit (but at about 85-90% less inte...