nothing else

Crankshaft possition Sensor replacement

Exactly where is it located, are there more than one does the timing cover top come off or the whole cover must come off?

It leaks out when in drive

van stalled and wont start. battery is fine and so is starter.

We have changed the battery/ light does work but nothing happens

front defroster blows cold or hot air, but the right side does not defrost although is blow air

While driving it just slips into neutral..I would like to know the approximate cost to fix the problem..
I can feel that it doesnt click into neural or drive...

The van ran fine , all at once it didn't want to start . I replaced plugs and wires and coil pack. The problem with the van not starting , I bought a new battery ran great for a day . Then dead again. The abs light and brake light comes on the van dies and won't start back.

wait 18 minutes sometimes stops while driving

My A/C compressor clutch coil is shot; the resistance on it is 1.6 ohms. So I need to buy the part to replace it and there are plenty online in the $40-50 range but the dealership says my Sedona (based on the VIN) is a different part than all the ones you can find online and that it costs $130!! Seriously?! There are plenty of aftermarket coils out there and NONE of them require you to select from two different types when you order for 2006 year. Does this sound legit?

what should I do

i drove my van to the store less then a mile away park at home an hour later get in the van to do errands turn the switch and nothing happens no noise or anything all the lights come on but still nothing i never had this problem before but of course i did purchase it use with one owner i did exactly put on 20,000 miles on it from the purchase date in february 2015

I have a bad alternator and was told that I can get a tow through RepairPal to my certified RepairPal Shop (PRK Automotive). How can I schedule that?