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every thing works fine no check engine light but it will not hold when put in park please help thank you.

I believe it needs to be replaced because it was driven with low oil and developed an engine knock. Knock still happens after oil was changed.

Fit time it has not started in 3 and a half years

I'll pull over and usually start right back up but sometimes it takes a little longer before it will start. Other times I'll drive it ad it does't happen at all, an ideas what maybe causing this problem.

if jeep sits for more than hour, it won't start on first try, but starts immediately on the second try. Does the whole fuel pump have to be replaced? Does it harm the system to drive in this condition?

Need to replace and can't find where it is.

DGIII scanner finds no other codes behind the 0700 code. As you stated in your article can it be a defective temp coolent sensor?

I have changed spark plugs wires cap and rotary button but codes still persist can fill the miss as I start to gain speed also loses power going up hill 4.0 inline 6 motor can anyone help?

Sometimes it will start right back up but other times I have to wait 5 to 10 minutes. What could be causing this?

Cannot find it in the manual

Driving and attempt to pass a car on open highway, drivng at40 mph, stomped on gas pedal and gas pedal stuck, drove for 1/4 to 1/2 mile at 80 mph, realized could not descend when let off pedal. Tried pumping brake, kept accelerating down a grade. slammed foot on gas pedal several times, finally gas pedal returned to normal and had control of it.

only have the rear shaft connected..went offroad a while back i think i moved the washer for the rear shaft for the gear box vibrates alot on excellerating and uphills ! whats the problem ...i think its not the clutch ! might be something to do with the gasket! but not sure? how do i check to find out?

Heater working but can't get it to open heater vent so it only blows cold. There's no A/C, the defroster works. I
the flap that let's heat into cab is stuck.

I replaced it myself and was unaware of a recall. Will Jeep refund the money for the switch?

I hear a high pitch squeal from the front of my jeep only on acceleration of 35+ mph or more. At low speeds i do not hear it. After i reach 35+ mph it will squeal and continue to do so as long as i am applying the gas pedal. When i let off the gas it will stop all at once. As soon as i apply gas it will go right back to squealing again. I hear nothing like it when its idling. I just installed a new front master barring kit and ring and pinion were good. I was getting a vibration at the same time i noticed the squeal so i took out my front drive shaft and i test drove it and i still have the squeal. Please help me identify the problem.

Vehicle rumbles when driving. Like tire is flat or driving over rocky road. Feels like it's coming from the rear end. Thought it might be tires but they are fine

after OBD check i got these codes what should i do


visual inspection for wiring shows no problem or bent or loose or short

Jeep wrangler 2010 auto transmision 3.8L 4wheel wrangler unlimted sport

Jeep stalls random at idle and running down the road ad there is no trend to when it stalls. Replaced CPS as this is the most common error. Stopped receiving CEL but still stalls? Did wiggle check back to the PCM and not getting a stall until I get ot the PCM and push on the connectors. Could this be the issue or is the PCM rated for an impact and will stop the vehicle? Any help in this area is appreciated.