Entire rear end

Tilt wheel moves up and and side to side . It will not lock.still steers good.

Turn key, hear a click, instruments come on but starter will not engage. Reports that there is a problem with ignition in steering column but no fix. How can I fix this problem?

My wrangler has 1700 miles on it and my check engine light has turned on 5 times. Each time I've taken it in the dealership I bought it from says they can't fix it, after they took my jeep apart multiple times. The code that is being thrown is a random engine misfire and supposedly it's a stored code, I know nothing about cars so I'm very confused and frustrated in this situation.

Won't let me use keyless entry anymore.

mine was running about 198 and now has started to run around 210. Is this normal for the 2.5?

what causes it to leak done everything right by the manual

I drive a manual so my E-brake is needed. The other day it was found in the middle of the road. I find myself having to pull up with both hands as hard as I can and rocking the car to make sure it holds. Sometimes I'll hear a loud pop and then it'll start Rolling. What may be wrong?

Warning light goes on for 10 seconds then goes off for about 10 seconds keeps repeating this cycle

A.c. door blend broken.

just bought a 1994 jeep wrangler that had been sitting outside not running for 3 years. we replaced the fuel tank and now when I filled the tank it leaks fuel. Had a popping sound when opening the gas fuel lid

Took it in and the Tires Plus mechanic checked the starter, battery and were fine. They replaced the electronic throttle control body and has been starting the last 4 times.
Then it did it again less than 24hours after picking it up. Back in the shop for whatever problems. I feel like I'm getting hacked... Any suggestions?

the shifter in my jeep wrangler 5speed is very sloppy and loose except in fifth. What may be wrong with it, and if i went to a deal how much would it cost. Still drivable just loose shifting and sometimes grinds in second, (rarley)

Happens over one week of occasional driving. Radiator is down about one inch just above fins intakes. has not over heated ever and engine is running great.

Passanger Rear turn signal stopped working. I bought a new set at Advance and as I began to remove the cover the light began working. I did not replace the light just made sure the light was connected tight. only a week later it stopped working again. I hit the side of the cover and the light started working again. Should I just replace the light or is there other test I should do to ensure this is not a bigger problem?

Dash lights will come on and radio but jeep will not turn over,no click sound or anything. Checked fuses and also replaced battery in key due to remote lock/unlock stopped working at same time

Could this be a U Joint, or is it coming from the rear axle?

When driving at slow speeds, so far under 20mph. My 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport starts to Hesitate/Jerk/pulling feel with the Traction Control light flickering off and on. You kind of hear a slight grinding noise as well. As if I were in 4wd and making a sharp turn. It happens in short pulses approx every 5 seconds.

This happens when:
-I am not in 4wd
- Driving straight
- Turning
- At slow speeds
- So far on smooth/dry road

Also the dome light flickers slightly

My jeep will crank by pushing off or with a screwdriver, but won't crank by the key. Is it my switch or could it be something else?

every thing works fine no check engine light but it will not hold when put in park please help thank you.

I believe it needs to be replaced because it was driven with low oil and developed an engine knock. Knock still happens after oil was changed.