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I noticed this after having my clutch replaced. I was told last week that the through out bearing was vibrating could this be the issue? I took the vehicle back to the place I had the clutch put in and they are saying...
I have replaced Coil pack, plugs, injectors and complete fuel pump! Tested fuel psi everything looks good, once in a while it will start and idle perfectly. What else should I check? It does throw a misfire code on #5...
changed to a brighter bulb, worked for a few days now won't come on, changed relay still dosn,t work
After a few seconds I can rev the engine slowly a few times and it returnes to normal , this jeep only has 34,000 miles on it and never driven off road or hard
front end wobbles at 55mph if you hit a bump
Took it to mechanic right away. Checked out clean when he drove it. Picked it up and drove it to work. 20-30 minutes into the drive, starts skipping/missing again, then goes away. This started 2-days ago and comes ...
will start sometimes after a few trys has fuel but seams like no spark has code 33 i dont have a/c what does the auto stut downrelay afect and could that be the problum have changed the relay, coil, crank sensor
How do you disconnect alarm? It won't fire or get fuel.
Engine fires on all 4 cylinders and has good fuel pressure running in neutral at the curb, both at idle and full RPM, but will miss and surge in gear under a load (while driving).
no previous problem hard shifting trying any gear automatic transmission
While driving down the freeway, I started hearing a noise, almost like one of those cars that sounds like a rice burner. I pulled off and when I tried to go again, I lost all power and could not go above 30mph. What's...
Jeep runs great changed out the electric fuel pump cap rotor plugs wires MAP sensor but does not idle
Jeep dogtracks after i ran over a steep downward pitch in the road at a slightly high speed...i heard metal on metal..after the that the steering is all sloppy very hard to change lanes...vehicle travels at a angle wh...
Check engine light comes on and stays on. When Barrera is disconnected light goes off and stays off until jeep is driven a distance of thirty or more miles at higher speed.
Driver side floor was full of water, actual puddle.
I have to turn the switch on and wait 5 minutes,listen for injector pulse and fuel pump relay then engine will start.
rats ate engine wiring harness including fuel injector harness...all wiring harness replaced with a new one...still having idling unstable...check engine light on - all injectors open (p0201 - p0206)
It runs goods at idle, starts good! Just started missing mainly when it being lugged around at half throttle! Also smells like it's getting too much fuel. Check engine light stays on now with a misfire code! Please he...