Loud Clicking and popping from my front suspension. It starts when I first take off and then stops after 5 mins. We just moved to a area that has a lot of speed bumps. So the sound started after a few weeks.Suspension seems to be working but when I go over a speed bump or pothole and hit the breaks at the same time it feels like I am hydroplane, like the breaks lock up. Breaks are new and have been checked already with no concern.

got stuck in ice storm, and now traction control light stays on, and my steering feels funny and my tires squeal when turning even at low speeds.

Jeep is a 2.0 6 speed automatic.
Replaced trans twice reprogrammed it . Had it flash . If I could post a video of what it is doing I would . This happens 3rd 4th 5th 6th gear .

I was driving at 50mph and my car engine stalled, the check engine light came on, I put it in park and restarted it. This is the second time it has happened in 2 weeks.

Any idea on cost if it is a rocker arm?

Since I don't have remote start would I Still have an WCM (wireless Control Module) ? I would think not. My Jeep has just started the "One click then no start". I've read a lot of forums, and most times they say in the end that it was the WCM. So if I don't have one, any clues what to look at next? Anyone else ever have this problem? If so, any remedies? Thanks in advance.

The CD player and Aux plugins both work fine. Anyone else ever have this problem? If so, any remedies? Thanks in advance.

Have had this jeep about 18 months.Now you have to keep turning the key to get it to crank,. (but not all the time)Then when going down road it starts cutting out then loosing power. my warrenty has run out so they wont fix it But anyway they did tell me might be battery bad cell, what do yall think? I put the higher price gas in it did not help.. Im afraid it will shut down and I will get hit.. Thank you

Just brought in in for a check/tune. Mechanic is very thorough and very good (great reputation!). Changed a bearing in the left front wheel, recharged A/C, and checked hoses and transmission oil (very clean!)There are no "check engine" lights. We are leaving on a trip from Louisiana to Tennessee Monday and wife is a little antsy. It's either more pronounced at lower speeds or maybe I can just hear it. Engine doesn't seem to be straining and is shifting properly. Any ideas as to what would be causing this whining noise? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, I don't pull anything and It has about 108k miles!

Whenever its hot outside there is a bad smell that seems to be coming from behind the glove compartment area and we've replaced the cabin air filter.

Service dept does not answer phone, or return calls in a timely fashion. Cannot give a completion date.

Was at an idel at a light turned off the ac had the radio on suddenly the car dies turns back on check engine light came on. Got the code checked bad ecu or bad connection with the ecu

If my brake system needs repair, how much will it cost?

It happens when I let off the brake to gas as well. It's just a single knock under the floor on the left side.

traction control flashes and engine bogs down to nearly a stop when I try to pull out onto highway without driving around first. Cruise shuts off at 70 mph and won't turn back on until I slow significantly while repeatedly pressing button.

Does anyone know what this could be and what I should expect to pay for it? Thank you very much.

The engine runs fine but the jeep will not speed up when you give it more gas what is the problem 2009 Jeep patriot with a self contained transmission ( no dip stick)