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No response to peddle then it goes runs rough can I clean sensor or is this the problem
My jeep seemed to have a starter issue,it's a 2.4lt 5 spd in a 2008 Jeep Patriot 2wd,the starter has seemed to be kicking in and out as you tried to start it then I had to jump it and it started making a ticking noise...
no engine codes. the lights will shut off then come back on
The airbag warning light started intermittently flashing and chiming. There was no other problem with the vehicle. The dealer ship analyzed it for an hour and said that the clock spring needed to be replaced. It took ...
First off, my husband and I traded his car in this evening. We test drove this 2009 jeep patriot, 70k miles on it, carfax report completely clean.. And IT RAN NICELY! We drove around for a good while. No problems. All...
recent purchase. past owner had same issue of stalling out of the blue occassionally. added feul cleaner with condensation helper added.seems to run a little rough prior to stalling, and one time i did smell feul.
My 09 jeep patroit, will not crank over but the keyless entry works. The other weird thing is it will start sometimes but not always and both of my keys wont work??
The tail light illuminates while parked , reversed, neutral but not while driving. my fuses look ok, not sure about the relays though and bulbs are fine.
i bought this jeep two months ago and it has 60k miles on it and it started to hesitate one day on the way home for work. Im not sure what to do? seems to get worse in traffic.. it also seems to happen at 40 and 60mp...
abs and traction control lights came on, went back off and came back on. what could be the fix for this problem.
running lights ok, brake lights ok cannot find a labeled fuse to check
Car has been in the dealer for a week. Finally a bad connection was found Now a new IPM was put in but it fried when the car was started. What next?
Hey everyone, I have a Jeep patriot year 2007. When I am driving at about 40 mph and sometimes 60 mph, I seem to get a slip or a lag when driving. It sometimes seems like it happens right before a shift, but then does...
i am installing two new thermostats on my son's patriot and when refilling the coolant system in order to get the air out I was wondering if the 2.0 litre engine has any bleeders or do I just use a funnel to let the a...
How do I install the primary and secondary thermostats on the 2.0 litre engine?
How do I install the primary and secondary thermostats on the 2.0 litre engine?
does my jeep have specific positioning when it comes to struts, such as front right, front left, rear right rear left?
We had a really bad wind storm last week, and upon opening the door, it whipped open hard and snapped back. Now the door will no longer close flush with the car unless I shut it hard.
problem just started, whining gets louder as I accelerate
sound started soft for about a month then got louder, noise is constant from start and does not change at any rpm range. All systems operational normal, no visual fault indications given. just the other day driving in...
Could still drive but could not go an faster than 60.